Hautelinks: Week of 8/17/17

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This week we have a few words on Charlottesville, questions you should never ask a couple, the best $10 shoe organizers, and more.

We have to start this week with Charlottesville. Yes, we’re a fashion blog, but the events of this week are too important and terrifying not to discuss. Jimmy Fallon’s impassioned speech on the subject resonates.

This piece from Longreads explains how UVA – and its history- can teach us a lot about the Charlottesville situation and America as a whole.

Also, I highly recommend taking 20 mins to watch Vice’s “Charlottesville: Race and Terror” special — it’s extremely hard to watch but I feel 10x more informed after seeing it.

See also: How to take care of yourself when racist violence is all over the news.

In much lighter news, please let a 1D reunion happen.

SO TRUE: 4 Questions You Should Never Ask a Couple. #4 is the worstttt

Love this healthier way to think about stress.

Speaking of healthy, these make-ahead salad hacks are game changers.

Wait, I kinda love this: How To Wear Three Bags At Once.

Behind The Wildest Things In Kendall Jenner’s Closet. Oh, to have her wardrobe…

I think we all struggle with this: How do I fully unplug during a vacation?

Us Magazine has all the details on Kim Kardashian’s new contour and highlight palette. I’m seriously debating on this one…

From The Cut, Has the internet melted your brain? Try this demented reading strategy. Actually genius.

Is Man Repeller right? Is off-duty style mostly dead in the age of athleisure?

Kinda related: The Budget Babe asks: Is it just me, or has celebrity style reached an all-time low?

Also from Man Repeller, “back to school” advice form a college graduate.

One more from MR: A Personal History of Trendy Clothes I Wanted But Didn’t Buy. What’s on your list?

For those 21-plus: This frozen skinny peach margarita looks to die for!

You can view the eclipse with this cool homemade gadget.

Things You Should Quit Doing if You Want to Be Successful. Yes! #4 really resonated – we should be constantly evolving our approaches to life.

How to Navigate Your First Year Post-Grad, from the Everygirl.

Also from The Everygirl, hacks that will save you a ton of money.

News alert: Jennifer Lawrence is still awesome.

Fascinating piece from The Atlantic: Have smartphones destroyed a generation? I can certainly see both sides.

Aw: Nikki Reed just had her daughter with everyone’s fantasy husband Ian Somerhalder!

Powerful interview from Teen Vogue: Amandla Stenberg and Janelle Monáe Open Up About Racism.

The Maddeningly Simple Way Tech Companies Can Employ More Women. Yes!

Ikea released instructions on how to make your own Jon Snow cape using their rugs – LOL!

Love this piece from PopSugar on how to land a high profile job. Amazing tips for big dreamers.

23 Ways to Chill on National Relaxation Day. You don’t have to tell us twice.

Love: Pencil skirts that aren’t just boring office wear.

Also love Racked’s feature on sun-protective clothing. Pale girls, read this! I have a shirt that specifically blocks UV rays and it’s a godsend!

13 Books Every Introvert Should Have on Their List.

I pretty much need to just buy all of these $10 shoe organizers

Taylor Swift just continues to prove she’s a badass.

And here’s why Taylor’s sexual assault case is worth paying attention to.

15 Lunches You Can Meal Prep on Sunday. Cooking all my lunches on Sunday has changed my life. You guys need to start.

These Disney Princess-inspired outfits are amazing!

Oooh, adore this: The 52 Most Stylish Fictional Characters of All Time. Agree/disagree guys?

Malala is heading to Oxford University! Go, girl!

Serious but so important, from Bustle: Is my partner emotionally abusive? Watch for these signs. 

5 Ways to Wear Vintage Jeans, from un-fancy.

4 Feminine outfits to wear before summer is over, from Verily.

Eeek, black market beauty products are so scary! Be careful, guys.

Obsessed with this Neville Longbottom alternate “Harry Potter” story. Would be so fascinating to read from that angle.

Ooh, I love this little detail from Game of Thrones – how cool.

Stylecaster shares their favorite back to school beauty products.

Aw! Watch Judge Judy set a dog loose in court to determine its true owner.

And finally, poor spidey just needs a friend.

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