Hautelinks: Week of 8/31/17

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This week we’ve got Target’s new fashion-forward brand, the Game of Thrones series to tide you over till 2019, the new iPhone deets and more!

First we have to send our thoughts and prayers to the people affected by the Hurricane in Texas. Here’s a good list of ways you can help.

Here’s exactly how to properly layer your nighttime skincare products.

So cool: How Swimsuits For All Transformed The Bathing Suit Industry

Everything From Target’s New Fashion-y Brand Is Under $50. Can’t wait to shop it!

And The Budget Babe has a full review of the new line.

This sprinkle surprise cake is the stuff dreams are made of. Need to make!

3 Postures All World-Changing Women Take. Love this.

OMG: This UNC student’s dorm is serious goals!

Yay! The new iPhone has an official launch date.

Can’t get enough GoT? Prepare for a behind-the-scenes series coming to HBO.

Stars, they’re just like us! Famous women share their favorite snacks. And now I’m craving Hot Cheetos and Chipotle…

Yessss: You can now track EXACTLY when the Sbux PSL will be available near you.

Spotify released their most-streamed songs of the summer. Can you guess which track was #1?

Zanita shares some habits to break before you turn 30 – get on it!

Amazon is cutting prices at Whole Foods and we’re psyched.

Modern Mrs. Darcy has a long list of lesser-known books to help you manage and understand anxiety.

Martha Stewart explains how she gets everything done and it’s nothing short of amazing, TBH.

Ooh, dying to try Lush’s jelly masks.

File this under unlikely collaborations: Karl Lagerfeld and Vans!

Very cool: Pantene will now start listing the exact ingredients in their product fragrances, which is not required by law.

Related: This piece from the New York Times explains why we probably should have stricter laws for cosmetic items…

Because I’m Addicted shares the best “clean” deodorants out there.

7 Helpful Apps for Graduate Students, via Fastweb.

New favorite thing ever–this artist imagined 8 decades of Harry Potter style.

For our fellow royal watchers, Longreads compiled a long reading list of thoughtful pieces on Princess Diana.

New report says dogs and owners mirror each other’s personalities. Interesting!

This cute post has some great outfit ideas for fall.

The Definitive Ranking Of The Best Halloween Disney Channel Original Movies. Aaah, need to find them all and marathon!

Things I’d Tell My 18-Year-Old Self When Starting College.

Also from Advice from a Twentysomething, 10 Lessons I’ve Learned in 10 Years with My Boyfriend.

How to Survive a Big City as an Introvert. Can anyone relate?

Ommggggg, Despacito met Sesame Street and it was amazing.

Anyone else miss Gossip Girl? Its 10-year anniversary is coming up!

6 Ways to Save Money the Next Time You Shop at Ulta, AKA the greatest store on Earth.

These are the best beauty products to buy at Costco.

The Taylor Swift subreddit did a long post on all the hidden meanings in the “Look What You Made Me Do” video.

Also those diamonds in the bathtub? They were real. TBH, this scene upsets me — if it is aimed at Kim, it’s awful. Even given their history, it’s never OK to make fun of something so traumatic. What do you guys think?

Speaking of Taylor, here’s why you never see her and her boyfriend together.

Get excited: e.l.f. is releasing a ton of new products this month!

Chocolate flecked slice and bake cookies. Yummm!

And finally….. The best Sisyphean task.

See also: Dogs who are just trying to help.

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