Here's Exactly How to Make the Most of the Remaining Days of Summer

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Even though school has started, it’s not fall yet!

Guys, this needs to be said: Summer isn’t over yet! 

Although it may feel like summer has ended since classes have started, fall technically doesn’t start until September 22nd. That means we’ve got a full eight days left of summer. And here at CF, we’re getting out our planners and scheduling in some summer fun to enjoy them to the fullest.

To plan our next two weeks, we’re following Refinery29’s 100 Days of Summer to-do list. Each day, Refinery29 has a fun activity challenge to try. It’s a great way to step outside your comfort zone and do something new.

Today, for instance, is day 86 — and brace yourself, because it’s awesome:

Doughnut party? Count us in.

Join us today in indulging in doughnuts (and posting about it on social media). We’re going to be following the remaining days of the challenge and we hope you will too. 

The challenge technically goes into fall (the final day is September 28th), so it’s a fun way to extend that summer feeling a little longer.

Pro tip: If you don’t like the selected activity for a day, pick a different one from the list. The goal is to do something fun and different each day for the next two weeks.

To get your to-do list, visit Refinery29’s 100 Days of Summer page.

Be sure to put your selected activities into your daily planner so you don’t forget to complete them! And let us know what you’re doing by tagging @collegefashion and @refinery29 on your social media posts.

Here’s to extending that summer feeling just a little bit longer.

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