How to Dress Fashionably for Themed Parties

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College means packing clothes and accessories you would never be caught wearing… except for at a themed party.

As a college Freshman, I, along with every other girl, went shopping weeks before “Welcome Week” for “going out” clothes, aka the trendiest clothing you could find for your college debut. Of course, you probably have your party outfits set aside, waiting anxiously for a party to wear them to, but little did I know…   

College is the only place where you plan your outfits to go out in without considering the chilly temperatures or weather in general. All seasons of the year, ladies still find a way to show skin and forget about the possibility of frostbite. Reckless? Probably, but that’s college. For example, I’ve found myself wearing jean shorts and cowboy boots in January for a Hoedown Throwdown (thank you, Hannah Montana) party. 

Whether it is “Flannel Friday” or “Jersday Thursday,” there always seems to be a college theme party going on – no matter what time of the year it is. 

Parties are fun in the first place, but party themes can make or break your time at the party. The themes are typically announced just a day or two ahead of time, and between that time and the party, us girls are scrambling for costumes like the Hunger Games. We all want to show up looking fashion-forward and the best we can, but how do you dress fashionably and take part in the theme (without overdoing it)?

Here is my take on themed-parties and how to remain stylish while participating. 

Jersday Party Outfit

Thursdays are for jerseys. 

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In most cases, it is “Jersday Thursday” and that is one of the most popular college party themes I’ve seen over my past two and a half years at school. 

Jersday is easy as long as you have a jersey, and you can always ask around and find one if you don’t. For me, I think over-the-knee boots make every outfit fabulous and fashionable, so I typically wear the boots, leggings, a jersey, and some kind of jacket or button down over it (when it is colder). 

Typically, you will see many girls just wearing oversized jerseys and compression shorts, but for those who care about not freezing our butts off, this is a perfect go-to outfit. 

Rock ‘N’ Roll Party Outfit

Rock ‘n’ rolling into the party. 

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This party theme throws it back to an ’80s rock concert. Although going to rock concerts may not be your thing, who doesn’t love feeling rebellious and have a head banging, tongue out time? Think AC/DC, Journey, or Guns N’ Roses. 

The fashion keys to a theme like this are black clothes, leather, and vintage band shirts. My ideal outfit would be a leather jacket, ripped black leggings, a rock band tee, combat boots and a choker. You can’t get much more ’80s rock than this. 

Hawaiian Luau Party Outfit

“Let’s go to the beach beach” – Nicki Minaj

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Especially during the wintertime, we all dream to make a trip to Hawaii. As college students, the closest we can get is a good ole campus Luau party

You can go all out with this theme, or you can do as little as you want, and still take part. Get ready to say aloha to the ladies in bikinis and grass hula skirts, but as long as you have floral shirts, bright colors, and beachwear, you’re good to go. Hawaiian shirts (floral button downs) and a lei are a simple solution. 

Coachella Party Outfit

Party like its Coachella. 

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Coachella is a prestige music festival that takes place in the Spring every year, and when it occurs, music fans and celebrities bring out the most hipster clothing they have. When it comes to festival wear, your inner “wild thing” comes out in bright colors and free spirited pieces. 

Most clothing stores have a section set out for festival-goers full of vintage styles, bright colors, florals (yes, this is the time it is acceptable to wear a flower crown/headband), and so on. This is the time where you can be who you are and feel like you completely fit in. 

America Party Outfit

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As Americans, we take pride in the freedom of the USA. This theme is fun and simple as it only takes red, white, and blue to fit in

In addition to the easy color scheme, add an American flag, stars, and/or stripes into your outfit and you’ll be one patriotic girl. As Miley Cyrus once said, “it’s a party in the USA,” so let’s embrace it.

Toga Party Outfit

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Toga is one of the hardest themes to follow, although when you do it right, it can be one of the easiest ones. Basically, the theme is asking you to grab a white bed sheet, wrap it around in a dress-like way with one shoulder, and wear sandals to mirror a Roman or Greek back in the day. 

If you cannot find a white sheet anywhere convenient for you, wear a white dress, preferably in some kind of wrap shape, and sandals. 

What’s your favorite college party theme?

How do you dress for college theme parties? Which outfit above was your favorite? Tell us by leaving a comment below!

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