How to Dress for College Game Day (If You Don't Follow Sports)

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When you can pronounce Prabal Gurung and Thierry Mugler but can’t name a single NFL quarterback.

Some of us came to college excited for Saturday game day and cheering on the home team with 10,000 other people. Some of us came to college completely oblivious to the world of tailgates and screaming fans, and do not understand the term “first down.”

Like it or not, at most schools, sports are a part of the social scene. And like it or not, you might one day go (willingly or not) to a game. But if you’re not ready to break out the body paint, what are you supposed to wear? 

Even if you don’t know/care about sports, there’s no reason you can’t show some team spirit (sartorially, at least).

This is also a good way to learn some color theory as you quickly learn that most of the time, school colors don’t really go with anything. 

So for all of you whose Superbowl is New York Fashion Week (and everyone else of course!), here are some creative game-day fashion ideas that aren’t a T-shirt and jeans. Because if I’m going to watch people throwing around a ball for three hours, I want to look good doing it!

Game Day Outfit 1: Game-Day Glam

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For the fashionista, the glamour girl, the style setter, there is never an occasion that cannot be dressed up. On game-day, take a casual dress and pair it with a bright moto jacket, an unexpected combo that shows off school spirit AND looks stylish. 

Never wear heels to a game; over-the-knee boots are a trendy substitute. A black beanie keeps the outfit from looking TOO dressed up, while a cross body bag is an easy way to keep all your stuff from getting lost. Flash tattoos are the life-saving accessory you never knew you needed. Don’t want your jewelry to get lost? Tattoo it! Red lips complete the look. 

Game Day Outfit 2: Updated Athleisure

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When you want to look sporty, but also fashionable, athleisure is the way to go. Any athleisure look can be fashionable with the right colors or prints. 

Functional yet glam, these gold leggings are THE standout piece. They add some punch to a school shirt and navy sneakers, while the bomber, also in school colors, is both cute and comfy. 

Nail polish is a no-commitment way to show team pride, while gold liner is both eye-catching and spirited. Finish the athletic look with a sleek ponytail.

Game Day Outfit 3: The T-shirt and Jeans, Revamped

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Yes, I complained about wearing a T-shirt and jeans earlier, but the combo is tried-and-true for a reason. With the right accessories, you can stand out from the other 90% of people wearing the same thing. 

A jacket and sneakers in team colors are an easy way to add some oomph to the basics. Cute add-ons, like the paw print jewelry, are a subtle way to show school spirit. Wear eyeliner in your school’s colors, if you dare. Finally, French braids with bows will keep your hair cute for hours, not matter how long the game lasts. 

Want more game day style?

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What do you think?

See your school colors? Would you wear any of these outfits? Have any advice for game-day? Let us know in the comments!

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