Ilvermorny Inspiration: Wampus House

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This daring house is perfect inspiration for some fashion risk-taking.

Wampus house crest | Photo credit: Pottermore

Well, friends, we’ve finally made it. This is the last article in our series on fashion inspired by Ilvermorny, the American Wizarding School, (previously covering Horned Serpent, Pukwudgie, and Thunderbird Houses) and I’ve saved the most daring House for last. 

Remember how I said that the Ilvermorny Houses weren’t direct parallels to their Hogwarts counterparts, and shouldn’t be treated as such when considering Sorting? Well, if you ignore that rule completely, you might notice some striking resemblances between the Wampus House of Ilvermorny and the Gryffindor House of Hogwarts. 

After all, both Houses favor the bold – Wampus represents the body and has a tendency towards warriors, indicating that students who identify with this House are likely daring, edgy risk-takers who probably have a taste for adventure and a penchant for physical fitness. Maybe it’s just me, but I bet Wampus girls in today’s society would translate this edginess into fashion risk-taking as well. 

Whether you’re a Wampus or not, the House is an excellent source of inspiration for encouraging yourself to be a trendsetter, and to make bold fashion choices that are ahead of the curve, without worrying what others might think. 

“Favors Warriors”

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Don’t mess with a Wampus girl. Your inner strength and confidence can be projected outward by pairing a fierce black crop top and shredded denim shorts with black combat boots. Accessorize with steampunk-inspired shades for that cool-girl vibe. 

A jacket proclaiming an edgy statement such as this one is certifiably badass, or you can wear your edgy statement on a button if you feel like being a little more subtle. Or wear both. Because why not. Wampus girls do what they want. 

“Fast, Strong, and Almost Impossible to Kill”

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This quote is in reference to the mascot of Wampus House, a magical panther-like creature. It’s also a good indicator of the type of people that are represented by the House – empowered, tough, and socially invincible. Wouldn’t we all like to be like that? 

No one will doubt your confidence if you show up to a dressy event in a sleek black dress with bold off-the-shoulder sleeves and lacy details, which matches perfectly with some sweeter ballerina-inspired wedges. 

A dress like this might normally make you go subtle with the accessories, but a Wampus girl would never pass up the opportunity to go bold. Therefore, accessorize with a dramatic emerald choker, a chain link bracelet, and an elegant gold geometric clutch. This look definitely takes the basic LBD to a new level. 

“Represents the Body”

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I see Wampus students as being extremely invested in their own physical fitness, definitely the types that would be found at the campus gym if they went to a modern American college. 

Step up your gym attire by rocking a color-blocked jacket over a lemon yellow sports bra. Add teal sneakers for a bold color combo that Wampus students would love. These “Do Better” leggings also allude to the competitive nature of the Wampus while providing a neutral base that ties the whole look together. 

What do you think?

And there you have it! Which House inspiration post did you like the best? Which Ilvermorny House do you belong to? Let me know in the comments! 

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