It's Move-In Time: Here Are the Best Places to Buy Room Decor

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The top spots to shop for affordable apartment and dorm decor.

September is an exciting month for a lot of people – with school resuming shortly, it’s the time of the year where we move into dorms or new apartments and settle down for the year; which also means binge-watching a bunch of YouTube videos on how to decorate your new place

No matter how big or small your new room is, we all deserve an Instagram-worthy space, especially when it’s a spot where we will be spending the majority of our time. Now that you are inspired and ready to decorate you heart out, it’s time to get ready to shop

So here it is – the 6 best destinations for your room decor needs

1. Target 

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If there is a god who will answer all of your home decor needs, Target is the god. It’s no question that you can find a vast range of items from Target at a great price, and the best part about it? Target has categorized its items according to your preferred themes and senses of style (like Bohemian + Rustic, Industrial + Vintage), so you can save yourself from browsing through the millions of options and just go for the ones that suit you. 

2. Urban Outfitters

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Want to recreate those gorgeous apartments that you see on Instagram? Urban Outfitters is the right place for you. Not only does UO have great clothing, their home department is equally spectacular. You can find an endless amount of unique designs, and they even have a special section for small space decoration. Who says a small space can’t be stylish? 

3. H&M Home

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H&M home is a recent gem that I discovered. H&M has a great collection for basics with a classic and stylish twist. Think IKEA but with more colors and patterns. You can decorate your space with amazing pieces within an affordable budget. 

4. Zara Home

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If you like timeless and minimalistic decor, you’ll love Zara home. They carry quality basics (their bedding collection is wonderful) and a great range of bedroom decorations. Other than that, if you like vintage-inspired decorations, a lot of their decor uses wood, wicker and patterns, which adds a splash of rusticity to your space. 

5. Dormify 

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You know Dormify will be a good place to grab what you need for your space when the name itself has the word “dorm” in it. It’s a given that they have an abundance of dorm decor; moreover, they have “real” dorm tours that feature different dorm rooms for inspiration on how to decorate your own room. 

6. Umbra 

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Combining practicality and aesthetics, Umbra‘s products bring you the best of both worlds for home decor. Umbra’s decor serves as a decoration AND a functional item. These pieces are perfect for small spaces where you need to use up every square inch, without having to sacrifice your own sense of style. 

And there you have it: the best places for room decor!

Where do you shop for home decor? Do you agree with my choices? Let me know in the comments section! 

P.S. Good luck with the upcoming school year! xoxo 

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