Killer Poses To Make You Look Perfect When Taking Selfies

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The selfie age is well and truly here and who doesn’t like to take a perfect self-portrait of themselves and post it to Facebook and Instagram?

But did you know there’s a science to how you can take good selfies? Everyone is beautiful and no one should be defined by a perfect selfie but if you’re dissatisfied with your selfie abilities then you’re in luck because there is a perfect angle that captures your best side.

The Pitch, Yaw, and Roll Angles

It’s all down to the distribution of three different angles – pitch, yaw and roll –  integrating them together to create the perfect position. Take a look at this diagram – the plane represents your face in relation to the camera.


What Do These Angles Look Like?

Looking at the plane, the pitch rotation shows the upward and downward movement of the face. In other words, looking down or up to the camera which looks something like this:

Selfie 4

The yaw rotation involves turning your face from left to right. As you can see from this photo, the model is turning her face left away from the camera:

Selfie 1

The roll rotation is the sideways movement of the face. Here, she is doing a tipping motion to the side.

Selfie 3

The Conclusion

So how does this allow you to take good selfies? Once you’ve mastered the pitch, raw and roll angles, it all comes down to the specific degrees at which you hold your face at each angle.

Pitch Angle: The most optimal pitch angle is at a 15 degree downward position.

Yaw Angle: In both left and right sides of the face, the best yaw angle is at 20 degrees.

Roll Angle: This is very much dependent on the individual but zero degrees is optimal with some rolls to the left and right achieving an equally good result.

The result of the pitch, yaw and roll angle put together should produce something like this:

Selfie 7

So grab your phone, follow the instructions and see if it improves your selfie-taking abilities!

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