Looks on Campus: Eloise – University of California, Santa Cruz

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The recipe for a perfect summertime look? Doc Martens + slip dress.

Eloise looked straight out of the ’90s when I saw her on campus with her pixie cut, patterned slip dress, and chunky Doc Martens. After talking to her, I learned that she not only loves rocking throwback fashion, she’s also a fan of DIY-ing. 

Read on to learn her tips for finding and making ultra-cool pieces that no one else will have.

Eloise 101

Name: Eloise

School: University of California, Santa Cruz

Year: Senior

Major: Feminist Studies

Let’s Talk Fashion

Who or what inspires your style?
“Mainly my mom. I really like combining sixties and nineties styles.”

Where do you like to shop? “Mostly online and vintage.”

How would you describe your sense of style? “My favorite thing is half nineties, half sixties. I like the sixties silhouettes with nineties fabrics. I am also really interested in big, loud colors.”

Why did you choose this particular outfit? “My friend just got me this dress from a thrift store and thought that I would like it, which I definitely do! She also gave me this sweater. I literally only wear hand-me-downs.”

What are your favorite trends right now?
“I am into the slip dresses [which are] coming back. Chartreuse, yellow, and green are also in right now, which I like. I feel like [the bright colors that are trending represent] a modern, futuristic style that isn’t the typical silver and black.”

What fashion advice would you give other students?
“Don’t organize your closet. I think if your clothes aren’t sorted into sections or piles that make outfits, then you can make weirder, more original combinations.”

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be? “I don’t really know. Lately Young Thug and Chloë Sevigny.”

Elements of Eloise’s Outfit

1. Plaid Dress with Chartreuse Sweater

The slip dress has been making a comeback this season and is our go-to style for the summer. The pattern of Eloise’s dress has a nineties look to it, and the blue, pink, and green colors go well together. Her chartreuse sweater, though? It’s all sixties, perfectly tying together Eloise’s favorite decades.

2. Silver Necklace

Eloise wanted me to feature this necklace that she made using her grandmother’s bracelets – what a cool idea! A necklace like this is a lovely pairing with Eloise’s simple ensemble. And I love its style vibe: It’s a little bit ’90s because it’s a choker, but it’s also dainty and classic.

3. Doc Marten Slip-Ons

These chunky mary jane Doc Martens flats are perfect for walking around campus and adding a grunge vibe to your outfit. We’re perpetually obsessed with Docs and we love these because they aren’t the typical lace-up style you see everywhere on campus.

What do you think? 

Now that you’ve heard about Eloise’s love of hand-me-downs, we want to know what your thoughts are on her look! Like it, love it? Let us know below!

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