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Meet the trendy NYC intern whose style we’d love to steal.

This summer, I’m living at the Fashion Institute of Technology while interning in NYC, so needless to say I’m infatuated by the street style I witness every day on the streets of Manhattan, especially on my fellow summer interns. No two fashion interns are alike; everyone has their own story and their own unique style. 

One intern whose style caught my eye was Kerri. Her cool and effortless outfit with a mix of various prints and textures screamed “trend queen.”

Kerri 101

Name: Kerri

Year: Junior

Major: Fashion Merchandising  

Minor: Women’s Studies  

School: Marist College 

Hometown: Summit, NJ 

Let’s Talk Fashion

Who or what inspires your style? “I think street style the most. I usually just look at bloggers. My favorite blogger at the moment is Courtney Trop and her blog is called Always Judging. She lives in LA and she just wears basics but in cool and different ways, and I kind of try to emulate her style because she’s one of my fashion icons. The Olsen twins and Nicole Richie are also fashion icons [that] I draw inspiration from.”

Where do you like to shop?
“Well I used to work at Second Time Around, which is a designer consignment shop, so most of my clothes are from there, but I also love to shop at Aritzia.”

How would you describe your sense of style?
“I would say it’s edgy and a little bohemian.”

Why did you choose this particular outfit? “I need to be comfortable when I’m in the city because the first day of my internship I wore heels and still have blisters from them! So now I always wear my Adidas Superstars because they’re so comfy and really trendy. And then I’m wearing an Alexander McQueen scarf but I wanted to make it a little edgier and more ‘modern grunge,’ so I wore this Banana Republic menswear-style pinstripe shirt over a simple black dress.” 

What fashion advice would you give other students looking to improve their style? “Take risks and don’t think you can’t wear something because you think you don’t have the body for it. I think anybody can wear anything they want.

What are your favorite trends right now?
“Definitely sneakers like the Rihanna Fentys or the Kanye West Yeezys. Just athleisure in general because I think people have a more of an ‘on the go’ lifestyle now more than ever, so it’s just not practical to wear dresses and skirts every single day.”  

Do you have any favorite fashion designers and if so who?
GivenchyAlexander McQueen, and Karl Lagerfeld because he’s iconic.”

What do you do for fun? Do you have any unique hobbies or interests? “Well I just got a second job at Bloomingdale’s so that’s fun, but I like to spin and my best friend and I walk our dogs with each other whenever we can.”

If you could raid anyone’s closet who would it be and why?
“Rihanna because she’s everything and because she is such a risk taker. I think she is definitely the one who led the whole athleisure trend and was the first one to wear joggers with heels and bomber jackets.”

Elements of Kerri’s Outfit

1. Vintage Scarf 

The first thing I noticed was Kerri’s vintage Alexander McQueen scarf. What better way to get that coveted modern-grunge vibe than with luxe skull print?

2. Pinstripe Button-Down + LBD

This pinstripe button-down falls perfectly within the menswear-inspired trend we’re all trying to copy. This unique mix of styles works flawlessly with Kerri’s simple LBD.

3. White Kicks

With long hours at the office and constantly being on her feet, Kerri is well prepared and fabulous in her grey and white sneakers.

4. Crocodile Print Shopper

Kerri says she’s always sporting this gorgeous faux crocodile gunmetal tote. With a neutral color palette and a perfect mix of textures, this bag is perfect for toting from internship to shopping trip.

Would you wear Kerri’s look?

Do you love her luxurious grunge-inspired vibe? Would you wear her outfit? Comment below and share your thoughts!

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