Looks on Campus: Meghan – Michigan State University

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Leaves are falling and fashion is calling!

With trees changing colors and temperatures starting to drop, Meghan’s modern-yet-retro outfit is perfect for stomping through some freshly fallen leaves.

Meghan 101

Name: Meghan

Year: Junior

Major: Arts and Humanities, Media and Information

School: Michigan State University

Hometown: Pontiac, MI

Let’s Talk Fashion

Who or what inspires your style? “I like wearing anything that looks like it came from another decade. I definitely like vintage looks with a more modern take. I’m a really big fan of platform shoes and I’m a really big fan of alternative fabrics, so corduroy, pleather, [and] sequins. I’m a pretty big fan of big hair, too.”

Where do you like to shop? “Thrift stores make up about 85% of my closet. I would say additionally I’m a big [fan] of Forever 21, H&M, and ASOS, as corporate as they are. And I like Urban Outfitters’s sale section! When you walk in you’ll see all this expensive crap but when you find the clearance section there are some really good deals.”

How would you describe your sense of style? “I would say casually glamorous. There’s definitely some girliness in there too. I definitely don’t ever wear anything too fancy because I still like to be comfortable in what I’m wearing. But at the same time, I believe if you look good, you feel good, so I take pride in the way I dress and I use that as a major source of self-expression. You can tell I thought about this when I was putting it on, but at the same time it’s casual. [I’m] trying not to look too overdone or flashy.”

Why did you choose this particular outfit? “Up until this week it has been too effing hot to wear corduroy or dark colors without being a sweaty mess. So today I was really excited because it was finally fall weather and I stuck with my fall colors and long sleeves.”

What fashion advice would you give others looking to improve their style? “Be yourself, but I feel like that’s too generic. So I’d say: dress for your body. I think that’s the number one thing. Because once you figure out what works for you, that’s a whole new world of confidence and that’s a really good thing! A lot of people might think ‘I don’t look like the girl in that magazine’ and ‘I could never wear those clothes’ but you don’t have to look like that person. Find something that fits you that you can be excited about and feel good in, because that alone produces its own kind of style.”

What are your favorite trends right now? “Platform shoes are my number one! I have so many platform shoes and big, gaudy sunglasses.”

Do you have any favorite fashion designers? If so, who? “I really like Marc Jacobs. I feel like he does a really nice job of keeping classic looks edgy but not going too overboard to where it’s something that can’t be worn off the runway. I really like Betsey Johnson and I feel like although she can be kind of gaudy, her style is also kind of whimsical and she really embraces that.”

What do you do for fun? Do you have any unique hobbies or interests? “I like going to concerts and shows. I work at the college radio station here on campus and I’m the video director so I’m very fortunate because I get to go to a lot of shows for free and get to meet the artists.”

If you could raid anyone’s closet, who would it be and why? “Probably the Olsen twins because I love their fashion. They’re so cool! I think it’s funny how they went from being little girls to these super couture, edgy icons.”

Elements of Meghan’s Outfit

1. Burgundy + Gray Layers

Wearing “fall-worthy” colors really helps you get into the sprit of the season. A dusty gray (straight from Pantone’s Fall 2016 colors list) can easily be worn with both bold and soft shades, acting as a nice backdrop to warmer, burgundy/maroon jewel tones. Bonus if one of your clothing pieces has a cool texture like Meghan’s corduroy dress. 

2. Patterned Sunglasses

Summer may be over but the sun is still bright in the sky, so sunglasses are a must-have accessory for walking around campus. Swap your basic black sunnies for textured, animal-print inspired frames. These sunglasses from Urban Outfitters are neutral enough to go with any outfit, but unique enough to add an extra oomph to whatever you’re wearing.

3. Platform Shoes

Meghan said, “I’m only five feet tall so I’m always looking for a little bit of a boost. And heels hurt – we all know that – but with a platform it’s relatively flat so you’re walking on an extra three inches comfortably which is pretty great.” 

She’s right! A chunky platform ensures that you stay comfortable while giving you some height, and the buckle detail and woven tops on this thrifted pair add visual interest to an otherwise neutral black shoe.

4. Eclectic Rings

A kaleidoscope of mixed metal and stone rings is the way to go. Like Meghan, you can collect them from a variety of stores and places, so each one will have its own story and special meaning. Meghan’s rings are from the Michigan Renaissance Festival, a gift from her dad, a local boutique, Target, and Pitchfork Music Festival – so cool!

Are you in love with Meghan’s look?

Do you love her corduroy jumper? Would you wear her shoes? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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