Monthly Favorites and Wishlist: August 2017

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Here’s what I’m GAGA for this month.

August has me looking to enter the working world.

August means something different to everyone.  

For some, it marks the start of a new school year. For others, it’s just another month of summer. For me, it’s somewhere in between.

My August, like the rest of my summer, has been spent doing a combination of job applications and chillaxing.  But this month, things have started to get real, as they say. I’m moving to New York City next month, so my apartment-shopping and job-interviewing processes have begun. And so, as usual, August has been a month that precedes a big transition.

But August has also been so much fun. I’ve spent lots of time with friends and family, made major progress in my re-read of the entire Harry Potter series, and at the end of the month I’m going to see Lady Gaga live (eeeeeee!!!).

Appropriately, my faves and wishlist this month demonstrate a balance of work and play, summer and fall. But I think I’d love them any time of the year.

My Favorites

The songs of the summer

August means it is officially time to decide which tune is worthy of the title “song of the summer.”  

My picks often don’t line up with those of critics or entertainment blogs, which makes sense because there hasn’t been a beyond-obvious song of the summer in years (in other words, the next “California Gurls” or “Call Me Maybe” has yet to come along). For the same reason, I also tend to have two or three songs of the summer, maybe even one for every month.

My personal pick for song of the summer 2017 has to be “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran. It checks the boxes on all the major song-of-the-summer criteria: a rousing hook, a summery, windows-down vibe that makes it perfect for blasting on road trips, and copious radio play. 

And for this recent college grad, a song about a time “when we did not know the answers” rings so true. 

My runner-up has to be “Body Like a Back Road,” by Sam Hunt. It’s a catchy country tune that is perfect for summer, evocative of long drives and warm afternoons. Like “Castle on the Hill,” it’s made for belting with your friends.

Finally, my pick for under-appreciated song of the summer is “We Like It” by Computer Games (a band made up of Darren Criss and his brother). Their single “Every Single Night” is more popular and also upbeat, fun, and summery, but this track speaks to me more.

“We Like It” uses the classic song-of-the-summer ploy of actually including the word “summer” in the lyrics, and is all about having fun and enjoying life. Like every Killers or Kings of Leon song ever, its lyrics don’t really make any sense but still are somehow poetic and resonate just the same.

Olympia Le-Tan’s Fall/Winter 2017 “Psycho” Collection

Technically, I’ve been completely obsessed with Olympia Le-Tan’s new Hitchcock-themed collection since I saw the lookbook back in March. But now that the collection is available online, I’m able to appreciate each piece even more.

As you guys may know if you read my posts obsessing over Bates Motel, this collection is 100% up my alley. The classic, Hitchcock-heroine-inspired dresses (like the one above) are so simply beautiful and look like they’d be so empowering to wear. Same for the blazers and oh, the jumpsuit (*swoon*).  

And then there’s Le-Tan’s signature quirky prints — in this case, knivesvintage cars, and yes, showerheads (in reference to the 1960 film “Psycho”) all over dresses, tops, and skirts.  

And don’t even get me started about the bomber jacket with the “Psycho” logo beaded on the back. Suffice it to say I have a major designer crush.

Target gray plaid bomber jacket

IMHO, this plaid bomber is the best thing I’ve ever seen at Target (it’s also available in plus sizes). It’s so me — there’s even a bit of my favorite color, purple, in the plaid! I was thrilled to get my hands on it (for just $40), and I plan on wearing it everywhere this fall.  

This jacket is perfect for work with tailored shorts or black pants, and fab for casual days with jeans. I’m even thinking about throwing it on over a slipdress. 

My Wishlist

Kate Spade earrings

These chic earrings are both classically sophisticated and totally trendy. I love everything about them, from the oversized pearl to the quirky-yet-on-trend velvet bow to the hit of sparkle.  They’ll be the finishing touch to every work look–now all I need is the job.

Target pink embroidered mules

Another amazing find from one of our favorite stores for fashion on a budget! These satin mules (which also come in black and a fab yellow shade) look so stylish but are just $35. I have to confess — I actually clicked “order” while working on this post. #Sorrynotsorry.

I can’t wait to style these with my beloved boyfriend jeans, and I also want to try them with A-line dresses. And with Daisy Dukes? So Leandra Medine.

Current/Elliott jeans

Like last month, I thought I’d end this month’s wishlist with a splurge in which I probably won’t be indulging, because hey, a girl can dream.  

I have gushed about Current/Elliott’s boyfriend jeans before (they fit me like a glove). This straight-leg pair looks as comfy as it is trendy. The uneven hem and floral side panels are so fresh.

I bet these babies are also way more versatile than they seem at first glance. The floral print is a fairly muted color, so options for tops, jackets, and print-mixing experiments are endless. 

Shoe-wise, these would be great with ankle boots, mules, sneakers, ballet flats, heels…basically anything in my closet.

What do you think?

What are you loving and/or coveting this month?  What are your songs of the summer?  What about your favorite fall collection?  Share with me in the comments!

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