Monthly Favorites and Wishlist: September 2017

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The September issue.

As Taylor Swift would say, welcome to New York.

September is, without a doubt, fashion’s biggest month. It’s the month of the most important magazine issues of the year, of fashion week, of pulling your favorite jackets back out of your closet. Not to mention the start of all kinds of exciting things outside of the fashion world, like new school years and, more importantly, new fall TV.

For this fashionista, it has been an especially big month. I have moved to NYC in search of an entry-level job at a magazine, to pursue my dream of becoming an editor. I’m still trying to work out the cosmic significance of the fact that I moved here during NYFW and a week when so many shakeups happened at my favorite magazines (top editors leaving, NYLON going digital). 

I’m just gonna assume it means that this is a time when my favorite industry is going through as many changes as my own life is.

However, making countless trips to Bed Bath and Beyond and writing even more cover letters hasn’t stopped me from obsessing over the latest and greatest in fashion and pop culture and keeping a mental (and, let’s face it, iPhone Notes) list of them for my favorite CF ladies. 

Here’s what I’m falling for this month (I’m sorry, truly terrible pun).

My Favorites

“…Ready For It?” by Taylor Swift

Since I wrote my last post, Taylor Swift has rocked the world. I haven’t even had time to share my feelings on the announcement of her next album, Reputation, or her first single and video, “Look What You Made Me Do.” But that’s probably for the best, because my thoughts could fill a book, and you don’t come to CF to hear my really nuanced feelings about my favorite musician. Even my friends are sick of my novel-length texts.

So let’s get right to the second song she released from the new album, “…Ready For It.”  It took a little time to grow on me, but now I think I like it more than “Look What You Made Me Do.” One reason for that is that this track is about a positive feeling of love and excitement in a new relationship, not negative feelings of revenge. And while I have mixed feelings about the whole Taylor Swift rapping thing, “…Ready For It”‘s lyrics and rousing chorus are fabulously reminiscent of the old Taylor, who I refuse to believe is dead.

I mean, “He can be my jailer/Burton to this Taylor/Every lover I’ve known in comparison is a failure”?  The girl is a genius.

H&M leopard romper

I picked this beautiful baby up on sale at H&M for $10 (!!!) this month, and it has become the cutest and comfiest thing in my closet. (It’s still priced at $10, BTW, as of this writing.)

The cut is simple and flattering, and the leopard print is perfect. I love it so much that I’m tempted to snag it in one of the other available colors or prints — there’s an adorable floral and a gorgeous blue shade. 

It’s also so versatile. It looks amazing with all kinds of shoes, jewelry, and jackets because it’s basically a (rather fabulous) blank canvas. I could even see wearing it with a long sweater, tights, and booties when it gets colder.


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I’ve never had one of my monthly favorites be a whole person before, but here we go.

My Rihanna obsession has been growing steadily for months. Of course, I’ve always loved her music, but then she went and became one of the best dressed women in the world. And guest starred on my favorite show, “Bates Motel.” And was honored by Harvard for her humanitarian work. And blew me away with her high-fashion line for Puma. And now, this month, released a cruelty-free beauty line meant to champion diversity and help every woman find products that are perfect for her.  

I’ve got a full-blown girl crush.

September has been a huge month for Rihanna, as she took over NYFW with both her Fenty Beauty launch and her Fenty Puma show. Then, days later, she hosted her annual charity event, the Diamond Ball. And don’t even get me started on what she wore to do all of that.

I think what really gets me about Rihanna is that at the end of the day, she’s a regular 20-something girl who loves fashion and pasta and TV but who has worked so hard on so many different things that she has made herself an icon. And that’s hella inspiring to me.

My Wishlist

Target velvet bralet

Target’s junior’s line, Xhilaration, has some awesome velvet pieces right now. I’m as into the velvet trend as ever this season.

Sure, this top is trendy, but in classic black it’s versatile — it can be worn in so many chic ways. Under a low cut dress or top. With a pantsuit. With a high-waisted skirt or pair of shorts. Under a button down. Over a button down. You get the idea. Oh, and it’s just $15.

Target velvet dress

I told you I was digging Target’s velvet stuff. (I also want this jumpsuit.) I love how the luxe fabric and color of this dress contrast with its easy shape. It would be equally fabulous dressed down with flats as it would be dressed up with heels.

Since I’ve moved, throw-on dresses like this have become my uniform. They’re comfy enough for errands but chic enough for NYC. And they can be accessorized in so many different ways. I’m daydreaming about pairing the dress above with my layered gold chain necklace.  

Zara hoodie dress

Are you sensing a theme? Velvet and loose-fitting dresses? I’m pretty predictable this month, it seems.

My aforementioned love of Rihanna has definitely been influencing my style. I’m much more drawn to denim-on-denim, oversized items, streetwear, and athleisure than I was before my obsession with Queen Ri. 

This sweatshirt dress’s girly details also make it really my style — the embellishment and the color are fantastic. I can’t stop thinking about how great it would look with my fishnet tights and lug sole combat boots.

Lucky for me, there are a million Zara stores in NYC…

What do you think?

What are you loving this month? How is the big transition of September treating you? What fall fashion are you most excited to wear? Let me know in the comments!

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