Natural DIY Self Tanner: Quick Way For A Healthy Skin Tone

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Natural DIY Self Tanner Quick Way For A Healthy Skin Tone

There is a new self-tanning trend that could save you some serious money – but it’s only for the people who are willing to make their own. There are only two ingredients; tea bags and boiling water. The tannic acid in tea makes it the perfect DIY self tanner, as it is brown without leaving an orangey colour on your skin. It even smells better than normal fake tan – which actually smells pretty bad!

In the video you can see Rclbeauty101 try out the method with great results.

FAQs About DIY Self Tanner

  1. Is it sticky?
    No. A normal cup of tea may feel sticky if you spill it on yourself, but that is because of the sugar and milk in it.
  2. How long does it last?
    It is like wash-off self tanner, and it will stay on until you shower. It can fade slightly in the rain, but it won’t run and streak like other wash off self tanners.
  3. How do I make it?
    To make it, you simply need to add four dark tea bags to boiling water. Keep the tea bags in the water until it has turned a dark brown colour, and then put the tea in a spray bottle. Spray directly on to skin and use a towel or fake tan mitt to blend.

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