On My Playlist: April Showers

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April Showers bring May flowers…and a playlist of awesome tunes.

Happy April! Thanks to the local forecast for this first week of the month, I’ve had my head in the (rain)clouds. While I do love spring, it’s been hard to enjoy it when the weather has been so awful. 

The weather did remind me, though, of some awesome songs that I haven’t listened to in forever —  The Weather Girls’ “It’s Raining Men,” Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” and Bruno Mars’ “It Will Rain.”

With the songs (and the weather) in mind, I decided to put a spin on the outfits and make them ready for any storm that you may find yourself in this spring.

It’s Raining Men

Products: Jacket – Target, Dress – Aeropostale, Rain boots – Modcloth, Lipstick – Macy’s, Mascara – Target

This song is way too much fun to inspire a plain outfit. Even when it’s stormy, you can still be a ray of sunshine in florals and a few well-placed pastels.

I recently bought this exact dress (totally not a sponsored post, I promise) so I can affirm that this dress is adorable and perfect for a date or a night out with your girls. The jacket (which comes in a few other colors, too!) is understated in color; it’s girly but subtle. 

The boots are ready for rain or shine, and with the makeup (waterproof, of course) you’ll be prepared for any rain shower that heads your way!

It Will Rain

Products: Hoodie – Aeropostale, Jeans – H&M, Boots – Hot Topic, Purse –Avenue.com, Umbrella – Dorothy Perkins, Eyeliner – Amazon

No lie: listening to this reminded me of watching Twilight and hearing this song on the radio on my way to school. It takes me back, in the best way. 

The nice thing about this song? It’s quiet, emotional, and soothing, despite the lyrics. If you like just sitting inside and listening to the rain, be it in your dorm room or the library, this is a comfy outfit to do so in.

Some people don’t like color (and when it rains, some colors are rendered see-through, so it’s understandable) so this minimal palette is for them. Keeping things simple is great for rainy days, but a bit of eyeliner, a cute purse, and some tough details on the boots add a little extra style.


Products: Jacket – American Eagle, Romper – Hollister, Necklace – Last Call, Rain boots – ZooShoo, Umbrella – Amazon 

This look is perfect for fashionistas who want to dance in the rain. Rihanna has always served amazing looks, so it’s time to take a page from her book and step out in style. 

The rain boots are cute and classy enough that you wouldn’t think they actually were meant for traversing puddles on campus. The choker keeps things trendy and plays off of the jacket’s metallic edge. 

The romper is perfect for a warm day when it’s just a little wet (though a jumpsuit would be adorable in its place, too)! Finally, you need an umbrella –both to play homage to the song and, you know, for its function.

Bring Back the Beat

What do you think? What songs leave you singing in the rain? What songs are you jamming out to now — and what songs should inspire my next outfits? Let me know in the comments!  

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