On My Playlist: May 2017 Favorites

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This summer started off rocking.

“On My Playlist” takes new hits and old favorites and turns them into outfits anyone can rock.

Woohoo! It’s officially June and the start of another great summer. But before June, there was May, which is a bit of a pre-party month for the warm months and chill vibes that come with vacation. 

On that note, it’s no surprise that some awesome new tracks were released in hopes of becoming the “song of the summer.” For this post, we’ll be looking at a few contenders for that title.

You’ve probably heard a few on the radio–for instance, Katy Perry’s “Bon Appetit” and Hailee Steinfeld’s “Most Girls” have been getting a lot of airplay. One song you may not have heard yet though? “New Face” by Psy (yes, the “Gangnam Style” guy)! Songs this fun deserve fun outfits for a rocking summer!

Most Girls

Products: Shirt – Hollister, Jeans – Hollister, Sports Bra – Zaful, Clutch – Dorothy Perkins, Glasses – Pop Map, Shoes – NastyGal

Hailee Steinfeld‘s look is easily relatable and re-creatable, which makes for a no-pressure outfit. The shirt and jeans above could have easily been featured in the music video, and the rest? Well, it’s your way of showing which kind of girl you are!

You can focus on one accessory to accompany your outfit (the artsy shoes, “nerdy” hipster glasses, the sports bra and the glam clutch each give the outfit a different feel alone), or you can mix and match and wear them all!

Bon Appetit

Products: Jacket – Charlotte Russe, Dress – Urban Outfitters, Shoes – Lulu’s, Earrings – Overstock.com

Let’s be honest– as much as we’d like to be able to dress like Katy Perry, sometimes it’s necessary to tone down her looks. In this case, we keep things simple with a dress that, with its color, can’t help but remind us of her last outfit in the video. 

The high heels keep the look sexy, while the jacket provides a bit of balance to the look (and a bit of warmth on those sometimes chilly summer nights!). Finish the look with some cherry earrings that harken back to Katy’s “cherry pie”-centric lyrics.

New Face 

Products: Romper – Hollister, Blazer – Boohoo, Shoes – Charlotte Russe, Sunglasses – Boohoo

I know what you’re thinking. “It’s been five years since Gangnam Style! Just let it die!” And I hear you, but we can’t deny the fact that Psy is still killing it with his music and dance skills! 

Exhibit A: his most recent release, “New Face.” Saxy (not a typo– that saxophone hook though!) and fun, I think this song could hold its own on the American charts!

Back to the outfit, though. The look is a mix of Psy and his video’s leading lady. The floral romper is practical (for dancing with a pop star or for a date, you choose) and reminiscent of the third outfit worn by K-Pop star Na-Eun (of Apink). The sandals keep it all classic and simple.

To finish the outfit, grab a blazer (white is a nice summer alternative to the usual black) and some fun sunglasses and channel Psy with your enthusiasm and style!

Bring Back the Beat!

What were your favorite songs from May? What song do you think will be the song of the summer? What songs are you jamming out to now — and what songs should inspire my next outfits? Let me know in the comments! 

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