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Have you heard these songs yet? (Feat. Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, and Paramore.)

“On My Playlist” takes new hits and old favorites and turns them into outfits anyone can rock.

Now that finals week is over (for me — anyone still fighting that good fight, I believe in you!), I’ve had more time to go searching for some new music. Some of the music I’ve found has recently taken the radio by storm, while a few songs are quietly making their way there. 

Bottom line: I’ve been rocking out recently.

This past week, my search for good music lead me to the eye-popping, ear-catching music videos of Kendrick Lamar, Machine Gun Kelly, and Paramore

You may have heard Lamar’s “Humble” a thousand times already, but have you heard Paramore’s new track, “Hard Times“? What about Machine Gun Kelly’s newest jam, “At My Best” (which features Hailee Steinfeld)?

If not, that’s okay — you’re about to get the chance to take a listen and steal some style cues from the artists.


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If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that Kendrick brought some serious bars — and style — to his latest single, “Humble.” 

With so many different looks and images in the music video, it was hard to decide what to focus on for the outfit. I ended up liking the vibe from Kendrick’s all-white getup at the end, as well as his black ensemble with glasses in the middle, and I thought the two would be amazing mixed.

The thing to remember with Lamar is that he’s both relatable and on another level, both with his style and raps. 

Channel the relatable side with simple ripped jeans and no-fuss glasses, and get on his level with the luxe crop top, shoes, and blazer. (The monochrome color scheme makes this look professional and yet edgy, good for a relaxed internship or a serious night out.)

At My Best

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Confession: I found this song because Hailee Steinfeld was featured in it. But I’m so glad that I took a listen because it is essentially 2017’s take on Eminem’s “Monster” with a sound reminiscent of his “Love the Way You Lie.”

Another thumbs up for this song? Hailee’s music video outfit, which is a trendy, laid back variant of a party get-up. 

Stay comfy with relaxed denim silhouettes via the “mom” jeans and the bomber jacket. Hit fashion high notes with a choker and high boots, and mix glam with chill by keeping the makeup simple with a nude smoky eye.

Hard Times

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Okay, a few more confessions: This is my favorite song on the playlist. I am obsessed with the music video. And honestly, there’s no way to fully do it justice in an outfit.

That said, we can try. Make the striped skirt your centerpiece (half because it alludes to Hayley William’s first outfit, and half because it calls back to all the cool visual effects in the video). Keep the rest of the outfit low-key with a white tank top (I suggest tucking the shirt in) and a jean jacket, as both are blank canvases. 

The only other must-haves for this outfit? Makeup, especially if it pays homage to the look Hayley rocks. Smudge on yellow eyeshadow with blue eyeliner, and you have an everyday, any day-appropriate look!

(For your shoes, you could go in many different directions depending on where you’re going. A picnic/family gathering? Sneakers. To class or the office? Sandals or heels. Just around the house? Barefoot!)

Bring Back the Beat!

What do you think? What new songs are taking over your playlist now? What songs are you jamming out to– and what songs should inspire my next outfits? Let me know in the comments!   

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