Outfits Under $100: 3 Chic Outfits Inspired by Fun October Holidays

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Here’s some great fall fashion for those chillier days and nights.

Let’s all start by agreeing that fall is the most wonderful time of the year and October is the best month. (I may or may not be biased because my birthday FALLS in this season.)

Anyway, we continue our series of outfits inspired by fun, lesser-known holidays. If you, like me, enjoy delighting friends and coworkers with fun little nuggets of information, like how this french bulldog puppy can’t get back on his feet, then you’ll appreciate this series of posts inspired by obscure days celebrated in each month.

Read on to find out how you can celebrate obscure holidays in October with chic and affordable fashion.

You Only Live Once, That’s the Moto

Oct 8: National Motorcycle Day – $95.69

Products: Necklace Jacket | Top | Jeans | Flats

This outfit is based on National Motorcycle Day, which is dedicated to riding motorcycles and supporting the motorcycle industry. (And yes, I just quoted Drake for the title of this outfit.) 

If you have a motorcycle, then take advantage of the last weeks of the riding season. (Also, you are probably super cool.) If you don’t have a motorcycle, then stand by someone else’s when you wear this outfit to achieve the complete aesthetic. 

This look features a rust-colored moto jacket which is a refreshing take on the classic black jacket. Paired with biker jeans with nice detailing and zippers, a lace-up shirt adds more depth compared to a basic white tee. Accessorize with a rose gold choker for a sleek vibe and maroon flats that announce that fall is here. (Swap ’em for boots if you’re actually riding a motorcycle.) Now you’re ready to ride your autumn-mobile!

Sugar, Chess Please

Oct 9: National Chess Day – $99.99

Products: Coat | Top | Skirt | Flats

If you hadn’t noticed, I seem to like the whole song lyrics thing for these outfit titles. Anyway, National Chess Day was declared by President Gerald Ford to celebrate the classic game of strategy and intellect. It’s a great way to bond with family and friends and to spark a little friendly competition. 

For this look, I went for sweet and smart-looking pieces in a black and white palette. The grid skirt is inspired by the checkerboard pattern of the chessboard. The top features a contrasting collar that will add interest to the neutral color scheme. Probably my favorite part of the outfit, this bouclé jacket will keep you warm and instantly make you look put-together. Slip on some gold-toed flats, you’re ready to win some chess tournaments.

Hot Sauce in my Bag, Swag

Oct 10 – National Handbag Day – $92.29

Products: Blouse | Pants | Heels | Necklace | Bag

We might as well wrap it up with another song lyric-outfit-title hybrid. This one includes a stand-out handbag for National Handbag Day! Often, purses are considered an accompaniment to an outfit, but they make great focal pieces around which you can build an amazing ensemble. So celebrate these amazing accessories with a fun look!

This mauve and blush purse featuring a lovely bow is perfect for fall and will hold all your belongings. I love dressing up casual pieces, so the base of this look is this silky sleepwear-inspired blouse. I paired it with leather jeans and suede kitten heels that bring out the soft tones of the purse. Finally, I included the gold lariat/choker necklace for some gold accents. This outfit is ideal for walking around the city or meeting up with friends after work.

Which is your favorite outfit?

What does your go-to handbag look like? Are you a chess master? Have you ever owned an motorcycle? Let me know in the comments below!

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