Outfits Under $100: 3 Trendy Outfits for More Fun October Holidays

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Celebrate National Grouch Day, National Color Day, and National Cat Day in style.

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For the second half of October, we continue our series of outfits inspired by fun, lesser-known October holidays. If you, like me, enjoy delighting friends and coworkers with fun little nuggets of information, like how women’s fashion has evolved over 100 years, then you’ll appreciate this series of posts inspired by obscure days celebrated in each month.

Read on to find out how you can celebrate obscure holidays in October with chic and affordable fashion. These outfits will leaf you speechless.

Oct 15: National Grouch Day – $97.69

Products: Jacket | Sweatshirt | Jeans | Boots

Sesame Street Magazine declares this day for all Grouches to celebrate their way of life. If you are normally grumpy, tell your friends you have an excuse to indulge in your grouchy attitude. 

To celebrate, wear this sarcastic sweatshirt that simply states “good for you” in response to other people’s happiness. These coated jeans and pointed Chelsea boots will give you a cool vibe, and the oversized, patched denim jacket will express your inner rebel.

Oct 22: National Color Day – $85.19

Products: Sweater | Skirt | Boots | Purse

This day was made in order to study how colors affect our moods, productivity, and behavior. If you normally wear monochrome, take this day as a challenge to incorporate some part of the rainbow into your outfit! 

I styled the primary colors into this outfit. This mustard cable knit sweater will bring happiness to your day. Tuck your top into this rust button-up suede skirt – its color will make you feel empowered and on top of the world. Then carry this cobalt cross-body purse for good, calm vibes. Finish off your outfit with these tan booties as a neutral canvas.

Oct 29: National Cat Day – $96.29

Photo Credit: Elle

Products: Vest | Shirt | Jeans | Heels | Purse | Rings

Channel your inner cat lady on the 29th. Here, I was inspired by black cats since Halloween is fast-approaching. 

This outfit features this cool fur and leather mixed media vest for a cat-inspired soft but sleek look. Then, wear a marled crop top under the vest and some black skinnies, and I purr-omise you that you will turn heads. Some cut-out heels and gold and silver rings with a subtle cat ear silhouette add that “meow” factor. Fill this cat clutch with all your necessities, and put on a cat-eye with your favorite eyeliner, and you will be looking fabulous fur sure!

Are you a grouch? Do you love injecting fun color into your outfits? Can you also watch cat videos for hours on end? 

Let me know in the comments below!

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