Picture-Inspired Fashion: Pumpkins, Plantae, and Pond

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‘P’retty cool photos, no?

Upon popular request, we’re continuing our Picture-Inspired Fashion series!

Photo Credits, left to right: 1 | 2 | 3

As some of you know, our first Picture-Inspired article was based off of the Unsplash website, which offers high-resolution photography at no cost. We’re continuing our use of Unsplash pictures for this article, but this time, with a central theme: the letter “P.”

Be prepared for three pretty pictures and outfit sets! (Note: These outfits don’t include jackets so they’re good for warmer areas – be sure to add a jacket and/or warmer footwear if you’re up north!)

1. Pumpkins

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Word association: Autumn. Spooky. Festive.

Products: Dress | Earrings | Shoe | Wallet | Ring

Interpretation: Bring a little Halloween fun into your wardrobe with an outfit that’s no trick and all “treat”.

Because this is daily fall wear and not a Halloween costume, the orange in this outfit provides a subtle nod to the holiday: an off-color, light orange flowy dress and jeweled drop earrings are subtly seasonal, not over-the-top. 

Pair the casually festive look off with beige perforated wedges, a brown wallet clutch bag, and metallic ring — you’ll be all set for a fun night out (or in, we’re not judging)!

2. Plantae

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Word association: Geometric. Emerald. Fresh.

Products: Dress | Bracelet | Sandal | Bag | Crystal Bracelet | Earring Belt

Interpretation: Embrace natural jewel tones by adding bright green to your fall wardrobe.

For this look, start off with a sleeveless maxi green dress, perfect for galas and formals, and pair it with thin sandals and a brown shoulder bag for that slight boho vibe. Then, go all out with the green by matching stud green earrings with leaf stone and crystal orb bracelets. 

Grab a big bag (and a neutral jacket) if you’re wearing this to class, or go sans purse for a formal event. Cinch in the look with a brown belt and you’re golden!

3. Pond

Picture Credit: Unsplash

Word association: Dusky. Peaceful. Calm.

Products: Blouse | Jean | Necklace | Headband | Earring | Boot

Interpretation: “Go with the flow” today with all-blue attire that’s equal parts comfy, stylish, and cool.

No doubt the most low-key outfit of the trio, this set is perfect for a regular school day or casual night out. To master the look, pair your favorite jeans with a dusty blue blouse (short-sleeved if it’s warmer out, long-sleeved for the upcoming winter season). 

Continue the coordinated color trend with a fitted headband in a similar hue to your shirt and blue hoop earrings. Now, break it up with some black boots and gold necklace, and you’ll be all set for a stellar day!


Which was your favorite picture out of the three? Favorite outfit? Would you like to see this series continued with more pictures? Have any more themes to suggest? Tell us this, and more, in the comments section!

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