Quiz: Let Us Predict Your Graduation Day Style!

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We all know you’ll be sporting the old cap and gown come graduation, but what else?

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You’ve waited four years (maybe even more!) for the big day: Commencement, AKA Graduation. College fashionista that you are, you’re not going to just pick any old dress from the back of your closet for one of the most heavily photographed days of your life, are you?

Before you set about the long process of choosing the perfect under-gown look, we highly encourage you to first determine what your graduation day style should be. (P.S.: If you’ve graduated already, take the quiz for funsies anyways — one of these dresses might even appeal to you for a future formal event!)

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Your Graduation Day Style is… Classic White

Swanky AF.

Products, left to right: 1 – Lulu’s | 2 – Francesca’s | 3 – Charlotte Russe | 4 – Dillard’s | 5 – Lulu’s | 6 – Forever 21 | 7 – Charlotte Russe

Never one to stray from tradition, you keep white on as the designated CVIF (Color for Very Important Functions). It’s classy, chic, and timeless, just like you! And, depending on your cultural heritage or Greek life habits, a conservative white may even be the standard color for a formal graduation. 

Whatever the reason for wearing white, know that a simple A-line silhouette will look best under your commencement gown!

Your Graduation Day Style is… Your School Colors

Best years of your life.

Products, left to right: 1 – Nordstrom | 2 – ASOS | 3 – ASOS | 4 – JCPenney | 5 – JCPenney | 6 – Urban Outfitters | 7 – Nordstrom

You’ve worn your school’s football team colors more than any others this year, and you’ll continue to wear them long after you stop receiving alumni association letters (AKA, never). This is not a day when you’ll skip out on broadcasting your school pride!

Now, whether you’re wearing your school’s colors loud and proud or showcasing them in subdued tones, any of the pieces above should work perfectly. If not, I suggest browsing dresses on ShopStyle for that exact shade you’re seeking!

Your Graduation Day Style is… Nontraditional

One of a kind.

Products, left to right: 1 – Nordstrom | 2 – Express | 3 – ASOS | 4 – Forever 21 | 5 – Forever 21

Who said you had to wear the color white to graduation? Or a sundress? Or even a dress, for that matter? That’s right: no one. You do you, sister. Popular choices of alternative apparel that might appeal to you include rompers, maxi skirts, and pantsuits (à la Hillary Clinton).

Your Graduation Day Style is… Florals

Florals? For spring graduation?

Products, left to right: 1 – Urban Outfitters | 2 – ModCloth | 3 – ModCloth | 4 – Dillard’s | 5 – ModCloth | 6 – Nordstrom | 7 – Target

Forget Miranda Priestly’s rant on the predictability of florals for spring — you know nothing looks so good on you as a colorful array of embroidered roses and lilies. From the ever-preppy Lilly Pulitzer to that flirty little number you found lying in the back of your local T.J. Maxx, your bubbly aura will shine through while you’re receiving your (blank) college diploma!


Are you excited for commencement? Have you decorated your grad cap yet? Do you have ideas for future summer College Fashion articles?

Comment below!

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