Quiz: What TV/Movie Fashion Icon Should You Be for Halloween?

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Find your perfect trick-or-treat attire now!

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Ever wonder how you can pick a Halloween costume that matches your stylish roots and pays homage to one of the fashion greats of TV and film? Puzzle over it no more — CF has got just the thing for you.

Take the quiz below to find the perfect TV/movie costume that fits your fashion-forward personality!

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Elle Woods (from Legally Blonde)

Products: Blazer | Blouse | Pencil Skirt | Heel | Plush Toy | Wallet

OMG! You’re Elle Woods!

It’s time to get serious for Halloween, so save the sultry bunny suit for some other time: you’re going to be rocking a clean-cut, professional blazer and pencil skirt combo. Because this is Elle we’re talking about, accent your ensemble with a hot pink blouse and rose-colored footwear. (Pink is her signature color, after all.)

Finally, give your own personal spin to the Harvard lawyer meets “Malibu Barbie” outfit by using a dog stuffed animal to stand in as Elle’s favorite pooch, Bruiser! You’ll be scoring high marks in the Halloween fashion game.

Blair Waldorf (from Gossip Girl)

Products: Top | Skirt | Headband | Blazer | Necklace | Shoe | Tights

Who’s Queen B? You are (duh)!

Go ahead and put on your fiercest pout, because this is a Halloween you’re totally going to rule over. For an elegant prep school uniform worthy of Constance, slide a designer blazer over a tucked-in blouse. Because Blair prefers skirts to pants, go with an A-line skirt that pairs well with brightly colored tights. 

The last crucial step to dominating the Halloween fashion scene? Incorporate your BFFs into the fun by making them Blair’s loyal “minions” to help with the trick-or-treating! If you do, just don’t take the method acting too far, else you might be stuck as little J alone in Brooklyn next year.

Cher Horowitz (from Clueless)

Products: Shoes | Headwrap | Crop Top | Socks | Skirt | Blazer

‘As if’ you would ever get someone other than Cher!

Whip out the ‘90s accessory trends and Valley Girl accent: you’re going to be styling Cher’s legendary yellow plaid outfit for this year’s Halloween. For a look that’s So-Cal chic without the hefty price tag, frequent thrift stores or borrow high-end pieces from your BFF (the Dionne to your Cher). 

Remember: the name of the game is preppy teen, so invest in knee-high socks, shiny Oxfords, and a thick headband. Lastly, don’t forget to have your squad give you a makeover beforehand and snap tons of Polaroids (the original #OOTD selfies) to commemorate the big day! Cher would totes approve.

Rachel Green (from Friends)

Products: Bralette | Sandal | Earring | Mesh TopChoker | Jean

Rock ‘the Rachel’ this Halloween!

This Halloween, invest in a look that’s equally stylish and comfortable by imitating Friends’ most fashion-forward cast member: Rachel Green! To channel this Ralph Lauren boss, layer a ‘90s inspired crop top over a fun bralette and high-waisted denim jeans. Don’t forget to make the look casual (and perfect for a long night of walking) with soft sandals and a messy bun. 

Finally, up this Halloween costume from cute to perfection by asking five of your closest friends to fill in as Monica, Ross, Joey, Chandler, and Phoebe. Not only will it make for a fun night out on the town, but you can have the chance of scoring that perfect #Halloween selfie!


What’s your favorite part of Halloween? Whom did you get as your Halloween TV/movie fashion icon costume: Elle, Blair, Cher, or Rachel? Would you consider dressing up as any of these for this Halloween or the next? 

Tell us this, and more, in the comments box below!

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