Quiz: What's Your Holiday Style?

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Time to find your perfect ho-ho-holiday look!

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Whether you embrace the holiday spirit by tuning in to Christmas radio 24/7 or decking out your dorm halls with red and green string lights, your winter style is uniquely yours. Find out what it is (and how you can best dress up for it) by taking our 2-minute quiz today. The results may surprise you!

Also, because the holidays are a season of sharing, don’t forget to share your results with family and friends. Who knows—you might even find a kindred holiday spirit among those of your Facebook feed.

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Jingle Bell Jolly

Everything Christmas, all the time.

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You’ve been playing holiday jingles since July.

It’s no secret to those who know you that you absolutely love this time of year (and that you wish life was Christmas-themed all of the time). By dressing up in festive clothing, every street passerby will be witness to your holiday spirit. Dazzle them all with your pro-winter attitude, and bring some well-needed cheer wherever you go, by wearing out your brightest, most joyous dress and outerwear! For bonus style points, make sure that you complement the colorful attire with equally ornate accessories.

Mistletoe Miscellaneous

Bring out the accessories.

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It’s high time you got around to wearing those accessorial impulse buys from Black Friday.

Santa socks, white winter gloves, and assorted snowflake scarves, oh my! Your favorite part of the holidays (well, second best to being back at home) is getting to finally dig out those winter-specific clothing items that lie in the back of your wardrobe. Because you limit yourself to wearing these pieces towards the end of the year, they’re doubly special—and likely to last a long time. For a great holiday look this year, turn a particular festive accessory into an ongoing theme by incorporating the same colors and design into your top and coat. You’ll look great, and you’ll feel perfectly bundled up.

Turtleneck Traditional

Give thanks for winter staples.

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You embrace the beauty and conventionality of traditional winter clothing.

Somewhat obsessed with the image of lounging next to a roaring fireplace and sipping hot cocoa, you greatly admire the winter aesthetic. You never go too hard or fast into the holiday trends, but definitely think that there’s something to be said about being in that Christmas day spirit—even if you don’t celebrate. For you, it’s all about the old-timey feel of the season. Relive the quaint holiday traditions by sporting a dark turtleneck and classy oyster pearls. For great versatility and pizzazz, layer on a bright puffer vest.


Holiday, schmoliday.

Products: Dress – Topshop | Jacket – L.L. Bean | Earmuffs – Nordstrom | Boots – DSW | Necklace – Macy’s | Tights – Hue

You’re not anti-holiday—you’re just anti-extreme displays of holiday tidings.

Either you don’t celebrate Christmas, or you can’t seem to understand the big deal with wearing ugly holiday sweaters un-ironically all of December. (It’s okay—we don’t really get it either.) Whatever the case is, you’re not alone. Downplay the festiveness of the season by steering away from bright reds and greens, and sticking to a color palette that’s merry without being Merry Christmas. There may be no reindeer earrings or gingerbread man beanies, but you’ll still look fabulous for the holidays.


Which holiday style did you end up getting: Jingle Bell Jolly, Mistletoe Miscellaneous, Turtleneck Traditional, or Grinch-tastic? Do you agree with your results, or do you think that your holiday style should be something else? If so, what?

Leave your comments, and your results, down below!

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