Runway Looks for Less: Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018

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Layers and luxe fabrics don’t have to be pricey – get the Louis Vuitton look for less!

Photo credits: Louis Vuitton website

If a collection was ever going to be described as “extra,” it would be this one. The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 collection is full of mixed fabrics, jewel tones, and intricate embellishment, while still maintaining a sense of street-style cool.

Sound expensive? Never fear – I’m here to help break down the looks into their more affordable (but still just as stylish!) counterparts.

Look 1

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton website

This teal suede dress is so amazing! It’s a great twist on a classic. Add this cute circle bag and a pair of light colored point toe boots to complete the look.

Products: Dress – Kohl’s, Bag – Target, Boots – Forever 21

Look 2

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton website

I love the contrast between this girly geometric print dress and the leather vest. I’ve added a pair of white boots to replace the perspex ones which are super impractical for everyday wear!

Products: Dress – Dorothy Perkins, Vest – Charlotte Russe, Boots – Forever 21

Look 3

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

This look was one of the final pieces and, naturally, a total showstopper! I would look at anyone wearing this look as-is to college with awe, but for the mere mortals amongst us, I’ve taken a bit of artistic liberty. 

Rock a graphic tank under this amazing lace maxi, and to stop the whole thing from looking too prom-y, add a pair of pointed toe boots, a staple in this collection! (Gold leggings underneath are optional.)

Products: Dress – Forever 21, Boots – Forever 21, Tank – Forever 21

What do you think?

Do you like these looks? Which is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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