Science + Style = 3 Trendy Outfits Inspired by Magic

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Just in time for Halloween, these outfits easily transform into last-minute costumes!

In the spirit of Halloween, we take a break from the modern-day magic of science, and go back to explore some past beliefs in magic. If you’re in a crunch to find a Halloween costume this year, these outfits will make inspiration appear out of thin air!

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The Alchemist

Alchemy is the study of turning base materials into gold (chrysopoeia) or formulating a miracle elixir for immortality. The idea began as early as 100 BC in all regions of the world including China, India, and the Mediterranean. Alchemists tried to find the legendary substance, also referred to as “the philosopher’s stone,” that would be able to turn lead and mercury into gold or silver, revive dead plants, or heal all diseases. 

Unfortunately for people looking to make quick money – and to all the dead house plants out there – alchemy does not magically wish all bad things away because of what we know about mass and energy conservation (and this is where modern day scientific advances are coming to the rescue!). However, we can create a cool, sleek outfit from the effort!

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Look like a modern-day magician with this sharp cape blazer in a mercury color, and turn metal into gold with these cool gold zipper jeans. Put on this simple top with an embellished collar, some earrings to match your neckline, and some booties with a gold heel to finish off the outfit.

The Fairy

Next, we delve a little into white magic because it describes the belief in supernatural powers that are used for good and selfless purposes, and also because I’m too scared to research images of evil witches and other spooky things. 

White magic is also called “natural magic” because practitioners focused on harnessing the power of gods and goddesses of fertility and harvest. (It reminds me of Glinda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz.) Symbolized by the star and pentagram shape, white magic also was thought to be used for curing illness, good lucks, and finding lost things – which I would personally harness to find all my missing hair ties.

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Channel your inner good witch with this fairy ballerina outfit featuring a lavender tulle skirt paired with a wrapped off-the-shoulder top. Accessorize with these dainty star earrings and a starry velvet choker to carry the charm of white magic around with you. Then grab a floral purse to symbolize the use of the magic for growth and nature, and match it with these blush heels.

The Shapeshifter

Stemming from indigenous beliefs in Central America, animism or nagualism is the idea that one can shape shift physically or spiritually into an animal. 

Similar to tonalism or patronuses (for you Harry Potter fans out there), animism dictates that a person has a spirit animal that is determined solely by birth date, kinda like an astrological sign. Basically, you would have the same strengths and weaknesses as your animal counterpart. Possible animals include birds, dogs, coyotes as well as jaguars and pumas, which are typically considered the most powerful creatures.

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You can emulate your spirit animal for a fierce look. Wear this luxurious burgundy fur jacket over a tan sweater, then slip into these leather biker leggings and some leopard print loafers. Then add some bling to your outfit with this necklace that looks like fangs and this wildcat ring.

What is your spirit animal? What would you turn into gold if you could? Are you a scaredy-cat like me? Let me know in the comments below!

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