Science + Style = Coffee and 3 Cute Outfits to Start Your Day Off Right

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We can’t go back to school without talking about this college girl essential.

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There is no doubt that coffee is a major part in most of our everyday lives. On average, coffee drinkers have 3.1 cups a day, and have countless different preferences for their cups o’ joe. (I’ll be honest: I basically enjoy drinking milk and caramel syrup with a hint of that bitter coffee flavor.)

Whether you rely on this liquid gold to get you through the day or you just enjoy the earthy smell and barista calling out orders in the background, coffee affects us every day, so let’s get into the science!

How Coffee Works

Caffeine, a bitter, crystalline alkaloid, holds the title of the major active compound in coffee. Its structure is similar to adenosine, which is a molecule that builds up throughout the day to make you feel sleepy. The caffeine in your coffee binds to adenosine receptors in the brain and blocks the adenosine from binding so you don’t get that sleepy feeling. 

Basically, adenosine is the angel on your shoulder saying “let’s go to sleep so tomorrow we’ll wake up with glowing skin and increased alertness during our 6 am workout!” On the other hand, caffeine is the evil twin saying “SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK! You’ve been writing this essay for the past 15 hours but you feel fine! You definitely have enough energy to look up videos of sea bunnies and the heights of your favorite celebrities.” 

The temporary effects of coffee include improved memory, sharper vision from dilated pupils, increased digestion due to increased acid levels in the stomach, and of course, a good mood from the release of dopamine in the brain.

Nitro coffee even sounds cool. | Photo Credit: Highwire Coffee

“Nitro coffee” is becoming a big trend for those of you coffee experimenters. Some brewers infuse nitrogen into coffee to create a richer and creamier flavor from the sharp tasting bubbles. It’s truly a new experience for both taste and texture, and it may even allow you to in take more coffee in a cup because it allows higher coffee-to-water ratios. Plus, it has a pretty ombré effect that will inspire hair colorists everywhere.

So now that you are more informed about one of the world’s favorite drinks, let’s get into the outfits to wear while sipping your favorite brew!

Iced Americano

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This outfit is for the no-fuss girl grabbing an iced coffee before running errands on the weekend. It features a loose, striped button-up paired with some ripped white jeans for a laid-back yet put-together look. 

Accessorize with a statement necklace to dress up the look slightly, and sling a leather bucket bag over your shoulder to carry what you need for the day. Finally, slip on comfy canvas shoes, and tie your hair back in a messy bun to keep your hair out of your face while you are running around town!

Double Shot of Espresso

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This outfit is more formal, perfect for times when you need an extra boost of espresso and confidence. Don a white shift dress and a black blazer for a classic look and color combo. Spice it up with some suede maroon heels and a matching structured satchel for the perfect addition of color and personality. You are now ready to make a killer first impression.

Caramel Latte

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The third outfit blends boho vibes with a modern feel and is perfect for catching up with an old friend over coffee once you’re back in school. 

For the top, this white off-the-shoulder shirt adds depth to the outfit with the cut of its sleeves. Then wear this corduroy skirt in a cozy maroon color. Slip on earthy suede shoes with a sleek block heel. 

Now for the extras! Put on a simple beige choker with a feather charm that resembles the latte art you’ll order. Store all your essentials in a handy purse the same color as your milk and creamer. There you have it – an on-trend look perfect for impressing your friend with your impeccable style!

How do you like your cup o’ joe?

Are you addicted to coffee? Where is your go-to cafe? Let me know in the comments below!

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