Secret Santa Shopping, Simplified

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The trick is to do your shopping REALLY early.

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What? Secret Santa shopping? In November?

I hear you. Christmas is over a month away, and in between now and that jolly holiday, you have exams, essays, and the annual Thanksgiving dinner that may or may not — but totally will — include squabbling family members and pestering relatives. (Bonus points if your family starts asking you a series of increasingly uncomfortable questions ranging from your relationship status to post-college plans!)

But, here’s a handy pro tip: by buying your Secret Santa gift (or, heck, all of your Christmas gifts) early on, you eliminate the pre-Christmas stress and make your life a lot easier come the holidays. No more last-minute mall dashes for you — instead, prepare yourself for a winter of knowing that you already bought the perfect gift for your friend or coworker.

Head my words, folks. If you want to stand out as the best Secret Santa giver alive, you gotta start shopping now! Here’s a selection that might pique your interest:

Starbucks Shiny Tropical Leaves Cold Drink Travel Cup

The millennial pink Starbucks holiday line may be trending right now, but who knows how long that’ll last? Instead of latching on to a fad, you’d do your best to impress your Secret Santa recipient with this tropical travel cup.

Buy it on Amazon.

‘Nirvana’ Build Your Own Palette

A little birdy tells me that this artsy Urban Decay eyeshadow palette is bound to make your Secret Santa very happy. Fair warning: eyeshadows are sold separately. (But that can be the second part of your Secret Santa gift!) 

Buy it at Nordstrom.

Design Your Own Ugly Christmas Socks

This set of women’s socks includes one pair of socks and Christmas-themed designs, such as bows, mini pom-poms, and charms. You can choose between the dog, reindeer, cat, snowman, and Christmas tree socks. What’s not to love?! 

Check it out at Kohls.

Small Champagne Crossbody Bag

What better way to celebrate the holidays than with a bubbly-themed crossbody bag? Gift it to your over-21 friends with a cheap bottle of wine to make the gift *French kiss* incroyable

Buy it at Macy’s.

Mixit Pouch

Another classy glitter pick, this 11-inch gold, white, and black pouch has the words, “goal digger” on it, just so that you know your girl is a total #bossbabe. Plus, depending on your store availability, this item qualifies for free store pickup! 

See if you can get it today at JCPenney.

Alex and Ani Prints of Love Charm Bangle Bracelet

If your Secret Santa recipient has animal stickers plastered all over their laptop, only reblogs cat videos, and loves their pet to death, this Alex & Ani paw print bracelet is sure to tickle their fancy. 

Buy it in a silver finish at Dillard’s.

Patterned Performance Fleece Blanket

This 100% polyester fleece blanket is calling your perpetually cold coworker’s name. It’s so cozy and is nicely priced as well.

Get it in all sorts of plaid (blue/green, red plaid, lieutenant pink, and gray) and snow leopard print at Old Navy.


When do you like to get your Secret Santa shopping done? Are you the type to look for super personalized gifts or do you just wing it? What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

Comment below!

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