Stunning Illustrations To Show What It Would Be Like If Human and Animals Switched Roles

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We love animals and we go to the extremes with our pets, just to make them happy. But are we really making them happy? Are we pampering our pets when we go to shelters to walk them and enjoy having a pet for a day? What about the animals we use as food and entertainment?

The following series of images are going to answer these very questions and show the scary side of humanity by revealing how life would be like if animals and humans switch roles.

Imagine how would it be if you would go to a bullfight and the bulls would be chasing humans with a red sheet, then stab them in the back. Pretty gruesome, right? Then why are we doing this to bulls? Entertainment you say?

In the following illustrations you will see how life would be life if humans would not be the dominant species and animals would treat us like we treat them right now. This is what would happen if we switched roles and animals became as cruel as we are, crossing all the human rights boundaries.

1. Dolphins would take selfies with humans – alive or dead


2. Pigeons would feed elders

Human And Animals Switch Roles

3. Rabbits would wear human feet for good luck

Human And Animals Switch Roles

4. Lions would proudly pose with their trophies

Human And Animals Switch Roles

5. Speaking of trophies…


6. Researchers would test their products on humans


7. And humans would realize the consequences of their actions


8. Extremely different!


9. Zoos would be filled with humans and visiting animals


10. And fox designers would make waves with their new catwalk collections featuring women scarves


11. Humans skin coats would be a fashionable thing!


12. Fish would eat fresh human sushi


13. Shops would be filled with human parts for grills


13. Lobsters would hate how humans scream during boiling


14. And they would learn how to cut a human’s neck before cooking him


15. Flies would be outraged when finding a human in their soup!


16. Farmers would raise humans in small cages to feed the animal population


17. Baby ants would have fun burning tiny humans


18. Humans would be kept outside, in a chain, to protect the dogs


19. And they would be trained to entertain animals at the circus


20. Humans would also be caged to entertain birds at home with their “song”


21. Horses would rely on humans for romantic carriage trips


22. Cats would save scared humans from trees


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