Sunday Morning Cartoons: Winx Club

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The magic’s in you.

We’re back with Sunday Morning Cartoons! Welcome to a trip down nostalgia lane as we draw fashion inspiration from an unlikely source – our favorite old school cartoons.

After covering Totally Spies, Kim Possible, and Scooby Doo, we’re taking a break from spy-themed cartoons for a trip to the Magic Dimension. 

Winx Club is a fantasy/adventure cartoon that was the first Italian cartoon to be imported to the United States. 

It’s been ridiculously successful. 

The show’s 7 seasons (note: this article focuses on the first season) have been broadcast in 130+ countries with two seasons co-produced by Nickelodeon. There is also a Netflix Original spin-off called World of Winx, three films, comics, video games, the whole shebang.

The show’s success is due to its amazingly detailed world, its aesthetic, and the dynamic between the main characters. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna are roommates at Alfea College for Fairies from 16-19 years old. The “Winx Club” title comes from Bloom nicknaming her suite of friends. After all, every college student needs to join a club.

The show has been described as a cross between Sailor Moon and Harry Potter. However, unlike Harry Potter, the quintet finishes their 3-year education at Alfea. 

The show focuses on overcoming personal shortcomings – even the animation changes with each power up! – and relationships. The fairies interact with magical warriors from the Red Fountain School for Specialists, witches from Cloud Tower, and citizens from planets within the Magic Dimension. 

Winx Club Characters 101:

Bloom is the Chosen One of this show. She learns more about her background, intense fire powers, and how to be a capable leader throughout the show. 

Stella is the daughter of the Sun and Moon, princess of Solaria, a user of light magic, and Bloom’s introduction to the Magic Dimension (AKA Bloom’s Hagrid). She’s generous, intuitive, and fashionable. 

Flora is the most mature of the main characters. She is a diligent student with the ability to manipulate nature – which is helpful when she is whipping up potions for her friends. 

Musa is the tomboy who loves all things music and is an expert at sound amplification magic. She has a tendency to be a loner and plays her best music alone. 

Tecna is super logical with a love for technology, science, sports, and wielding techno/electrical field magic. The most self-confident of the main characters, Tecna grows the most emotionally throughout the series. 

Outfits Inspired By Winx Club

Join the club!

Bloom Inspired Outfit

Products: Tank – Forever 21, Jeans – Charlotte Russe, Sandals – ModCloth, Earrings – YesStyle

Star print jeans are calling your name; maybe you’re the Chosen One. 

A yellow crop top with crocheted flowers gives a shout out to Bloom’s namesake. Bloom would be all over these blue bunny earrings that look a lot like Kiko, her pet bunny. 

Who can forget about Bloom’s fiery mane that hints at what her powers are? Pay homage by chucking on a pair of red sandals.

Stella Inspired Outfit

Products: Dress – Lulus, Sandals – Amazon, Nail Polish – Topshop, Ring – Express

Stella is an optimistic character so get inspired by a vibrant green dress. A pair of gold and orange sandals will look great with the dress, and will put a playful spring in your step. 

Shop and explore parts of campus (cough pretend you’re exploring other worlds) away! A star-and-crescent-moon ring symbolizes Stella’s celestial powers and the aptly named Ring of Solaria, which transforms into her scepter weapon. Mauve nail polish provides the perfect accent. 

Flora Inspired Outfit

Products: Top – Hollister, Skirt – Bluefly, Earrings – Nordstrom Rack, Flats – Nine West

Flora is a true girly-girl. A floral pink off-the-shoulder crop top updates her peasant blouse. Meanwhile, a mint green chiffon skirt is the perfect thing to wear as you twirl around your room watering plants. 

Pink bow flats are closed-toe dress code appropriate to wear while making potions. Butterflies are Flora’s favorite, so throw on butterfly earrings.

Musa Inspired Outfit

Products: Tank – American Eagle, Jeans – H&M, Converse – Amazon, Earrings – Saks Off 5th, Lip balm – Amazon

Swap out Musa’s one-shoulder tank for an on-trend lace-up tank top that doesn’t require special bra assembly. Her slouchy jeans are on-point during boyfriend jean revival season. 

What’s more fitting as Musa inspo than the love child of a bass clef and edgy ear cuffs? Red Converse sneakers and hot pink lip balm top off this tomboyish outfit. All you’re missing is twisting up your hair into twin pigtail buns.

Tecna Inspired Outfit

Products: Sports Bra – New Balance, Hoodie – Hollister, Pants – Hollister, Socks – Selfridges, Shoes – Zulily, Earrings – Bluefly

Tecna is a fan of technology, science, and sports, so mix it up. A purple hoodie and neon green sports bra are the perfect athleisure complement to twill pants, a staple in science labs and computer labs everywhere. 

A sterling silver ear-cuff/stud set looks cutting-edge, just like how you prefer your tech. Sport tech socks ergonomically designed to support pressure points are the ideal blend of fashion-athletics-tech. Chill out in your light blue sneakers while playing video games, programming, running off steam, or inventing new devices.

Your Thoughts?

Have you ever seen Winx Club? Which Main 5 did you relate to most? Who has the best powers? Which outfit would you most likely wear?

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