The 8 Biggest Blogging Mistakes New Bloggers Make

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Starting a blog isn’t as simple as having something to write about, writing about it, and clicking “Publish.” A lot more goes into it than that.

The following infographic explains some of the biggest blogging mistakes newbies make when creating their first blog. Some beginning bloggers are too enthusiastic from the get-go, leading to immediate burnout. Others are much too passive, and fail to get their blog noticed by, well…anyone. Still, others don’t do the research and preparation needed to consistently produce epic content day after day.

Anyone who has begun taking their blogging seriously will tell you being a great writer isn’t enough. Yes, it’s a huge piece of the puzzle, but there’s more to it than that. You also need to have a good grasp on graphic design, multimedia, link building, content marketing, and social media.

You have to be a superb planner, and you have to be patient. Your chances of creating one great piece of content and going viral are slim-to-none. And even if you do, you’ll instantly fade away from the public eye if you don’t have more awesome ideas in your bag of tricks. The worst blogging mistake you can make is to dive into the limelight before you have enough evidence to back yourself up. You more than likely won’t get a second chance.

If you’re just getting started on your journey as a blogger, take a look at the infographic below. And make sure you don’t make any of the blogging mistakes others have in the past.


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