Three 2014-2016 Hair Fads We'll Miss

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Hair one minute and gone the next.

Continuing my series on underground fashion trends, today I wanted to talk about the most popular hair fads of recent years

You might recognize these from your favorite celebrities. Some, perhaps, you’ve sported. Or maybe you envied others who jumped on the trend. Regardless of their origins, these hair fads were once in, and now they’re (mostly) out. But like any good trend, they’re sure to reappear again.

So keep your eyes glued to the streets and your apprehension at bay. Unique hair trends will never be a thing of the past.

#1: Glitter Roots

If you think you’ve seen everything, think again. This festival-meets-spacepunk look had celebrities, vloggers, and Instagram stars alike typing #hairgoals. Styled down or in two high pixie buns, it debuted as a fun way to cover up overgrown roots.

The thing I love about this trend is that it was very DIY – buy some sparkle, dust away, and there you go! It reminds me a bit of pixie dust and Peter Pan. Believe in the magic of a pinch of glitter, and you’ve got a whole new look to strut through school.

#2: Super Silver

Granny chic, anyone? What was in wasn’t new – it was old. Silver and white dominated hair colors for the younger crowd in 2014 – 2015. Of course, forward-thinkers like Tavi Gevinson rocked it way back in the early 2000s, but that didn’t stop fashion bloggers, celebrities, and even high school goths from embracing the look.

Older women also benefitted from the trend – Joan Didion’s ad for Celine in 2015 made a huge splash in the fashion world. In a culture that glorifies eternal youth, it was almost surprising that going grey became so popular, so fast. Perhaps it’s an example of teens “toeing the line,” or a kind of anti-rebellion.

Either way: it was brief, and it was beautiful.

#3: Ombre

Photo Credit: Cupcakes and Cashmere

You knew it had to be on our list, didn’t you? Ombre hair has been haunting red carpets and high school hallways alike since the early 2000s. 

Back then, celebs also sported “reverse ombre” styles – light on the top, dark on the bottom. It’s interesting to note that the colorombre trend seems to pay close attention to its predecessor. Except, now, tips aren’t dyed black but pastel, or perhaps rainbow. 

Basically, ombre was the trend everyone did or should regret, because if you had dark hair, bleaching out the ends meant chopping off that hair when you were sick of the look. It was expensive, it was a messy DIY, and it stopped feeling so original after everyone and their mother started sporting it.

That being said – do I still love it? Of course. Do I plan to rock pastel ends in the near future? You know it.

Readers: which hair fad is your fave? 

Which did YOU sport, if any? What hair trends are you interested in seeing come back? Any hair fads you’d like me to write about? Sound off in the comments! 

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