TV Fashion: Peaky Blinders

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1920s English style inspo? Yes, please.

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If you haven’t already heard of the new hit Netflix series Peaky Blinders, you’re seriously missing out. With summer just beginning, now is the perfect time to catch up. (Not going to lie, I finished the series in one weekend.)

Peaky Blinders is a story of a British gangster family, The Shelbys, that takes place during the 1920s. With tons of drama, love, and mystery, you’ll be hooked. Not to mention, Britain’s 1920s fashion can give us some great outfit inspo. 

So here is how you can get the look of some of the main characters that star in Peaky Blinders.

Ada Shelby 

Photo Credit: IMDB

Ada, the only sister in the family, is very independent. She wants no part in her family’s gangster lifestyle. 

From political party meetings, to evening soirees, Ada knows how to dress the part. She’s always put-together but her outfits are never over-the-top.

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Aunt Polly

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Aunt Polly is an integral part of the Shelby company. From behind the scenes to the front lines, Polly is always in the action. 

Aunt Polly’s badass attitude matches her equally badass wardrobe. She is a strong woman who dresses the part. 

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Grace Burgess 

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Grace, the undercover spy, starts in the first season dressed fairly mundane. Since she is undercover as a barmaid, she has to look the part. 

However, as Grace’s character evolves, so does her style. Grace can really pull off any look she wants, though she does tend to keep it simple and classy.

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The Shelby Boys

Photo Credit: IMDB

And we can’t forget the boss himself, Tommy Shelby. Tommy and his brothers are awesome sources of outfit inspiration. 

Take their classic English menswear looks and turn them into a modern outfit, like the one below. You can rock this polished look to class or even to the office or your internship. 

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Have you been watching Peaky Blinders? Who is your favorite character? Let’s discuss in the comments!

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