Video Game Fashion: A Night in the Woods

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“At the end of everything, hold on to anything.”

In the colorful, playful indie gem A Night in the Woods, we follow college dropout Mae Borowski who has returned to her hometown, Possum Springs, for undisclosed reasons. 

The game consists of small, seemingly insignificant actions as Mae recaptures the life she used to live as a teenager, but its tedious nature is actually refreshing. The game says a lot without having to do much at all. 

As Mae comes to terms with the lack of control in her life and accepts her own mortality, the game challenges us to do the same. We must accept its limited gameplay options and simply do what’s asked in order to progress. There are mini-games, lots of dialogue and character mission options, sure. But they don’t result in anything really happening regardless of what you choose.  

Though the game is simple and there’s not much reason behind the actions we take within it, A Night in the Woods is still somehow fun and meaningful. Connecting to Mae and creating something from her simple life feels worthwhile in itself.

Well, I’m all done with all the existential talk, so scroll down for some physical, fashionable inspiration from this year’s cutest, most thought-provoking game.

A Night in the Woods Fashion – Outfit 1: Mae

Mae is our main character. She’s the college dropout who doesn’t really know what she’s doing or who she is. She returns home to figure these things out, only to find herself more confused than ever.

Much of Mae’s story involves her reconnecting with old friends, accepting her own cosmic insignificance, and focusing on what really makes her happy.

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Though most of the characters in the game are animals, they still wear clothes. Mae, for instance, wears a bright red shirt, jeans, and boots for the duration of the game.

I channeled her look with this casual red and black striped sweater, then went more formal for the rest of the outfit as a nod to Mae’s reputation in town. Many residents only see her as a well-to-do student that escaped from small town life, and some even resent her for leaving when they could not. 

The oxfords, black skater skirt, and red crossbody bag are all simple, easy-to-style college staples that work with just about everything. The sun and moon pendant necklace is also a nice touch to the look. Not only is it a statement piece, but it also ties in to the game’s ongoing constellation motif.

A Night in the Woods Fashion – Outfit 2: Greg

Greg is Mae’s hilarious, outgoing fox friend and former bandmate. He’s loud and childlike but also has a knack for meaningful conversation. Unlike the other characters, Greg has already accepted his place in the world and is mostly positive, upbeat, and down to earth. 

There is a popular theory going around that his character may have some sort of mental illness. Personally, I hope it’s true because his character is one of my favorites and mental illness is so rarely depicted in video games.

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Greg’s character is bright and vibrant, so it makes sense that his outfit reflects that. 

The two bolder statement pieces are the off-the-shoulder canary yellow dress and the bright red lipstick. Together, these pieces give off a confident vibe that will up your mood and leave you ready to take on whatever the world throws at you. 

If you want to edge things up a bit, throw on a leather jacket and a pair of black block heels. Tie everything together with a pair of music note earrings as a nod to Greg’s musical background.

A Night in the Woods Fashion – Outfit 3: Bea

Bea is another one of Mae’s old friends that she’s reconnecting with upon returning to Possum Springs. She and Mae were friends for years, but they grew apart after Mae left for college. 

Though Bea seems hard and tough on the outside, she means well and she’s had a difficult life: That adds to her being a bit cold at times.

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Bea’s attire just screams punk rock. This is obviously because she is in a band, but while her look is very gothic and witchy, it’s also very basic. Bea wears a dress with a skull print on the front, some sort of leggings underneath, and a pair of boots. 

I decided to take her look up a notch and make it more like something you’d see in The Craft. Begin with a black mini dress and throw on some fishnet tights underneath. The flared sleeves from the dress and the fishnets are small details that make the outfit eye-catching without going overboard. 

Slide into a pair of short, floral black booties for some unexpected flair. Not only are they super cute and can be used in just about any outfit, but they also emphasize the fact that Bea isn’t all about darkness. She does have a lighter side that she reveals in time. 

Accessorize with a small leather backpack and some silver stacked rings that add a bit of black detailing to tie everything together.

What do you think?

Did you like A Night in the Woods? What is your interpretation of the game? How does it compare to any of the other games you’ve played this year? Let me know in the comments. 

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