Video Game Fashion: Firewatch

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“I came out here for a breath of fresh air and some adventure.”

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Atmospheric and beautiful, Firewatch is a game that makes you feel as though you are adventuring outside for a breath of fresh air. Of course, you’re actually adventuring as a character – in this case, Henry, a man who has decided to become a “fire observer” in order to escape his stressful life. As the summer flies by, a strange occurrence draws him away from his watch tower and into a sinister mystery surrounding the very woods he’s been inhabiting. 

Though my synopsis makes it sound simple, Firewatch isn’t like anything you’ve seen before. The story is rich and intense, the characters are real, and we connect with them as if we actually know them. Finally, the decisions the game asks us to make are tough and gut-wrenching.

Want to know more? Keep reading this week’s Video Game Fashion to check out some looks inspired by the beauty that is Firewatch:


“Not too bad. I could get used to it out here.”

Henry is our main protagonist and the one character we don’t get to physically see that much. He decides to become a fire observer after his wife, Jill, begins suffering from early onset dementia. This causes not only a strain on their marriage, but on his conscience, as he decides whether to take care of her himself or put her in a home. Under the stress, he opts for an escape to the woods.

For an outdoor-friendly-yet-fashionable look, throw on a pair of overalls and a lace-up flannel for a bit of edge. Throw on a beanie to keep your hair nice and neat, grab a fanny pack for all of your outdoor supplies, and lace up some combat boots. You’re ready to stomp around the forest just like Henry. 

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  “I don’t talk to the other rangers like I do with you.”  

Delilah is Henry’s mysterious supervisor, who we also do not get to physically see. We talk to her via a walkie-talkie and she’s just about the only other person we have contact with on our adventure in the woods.

To channel Delilah’s large and in charge attitude, put on a nice striped shirt and throw a black blazer on top. (Every boss needs a good blazer.) Throw on some trousers for a pop of color and rock some powerful pointed pumps. Finally, a golden leaf bracelet will remind you of all the good times you spent in woods with Henry.

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Ned Goodwin

“I thought about going back… and then I didn’t see the point.”

Ned Goodwin is a man who has also been living in the woods with his son, Brian. We, again, don’t meet Ned, but we follow his story via a bunch of tapes he’s recorded and left around the woods.

Ned’s style is quite similar to Henry’s, but a bit more simple because Ned has been in the woods for a much longer time. For a more low-key, outdoorsy look, grab a pair of olive shorts and a striped funnel neck top. Throw a black puffer jacket on top. Finish with some light brown faux fur boots with a matching fanny pack (because every adventurer needs one, obvi).

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What do you think?

Did you play this game? How do you feel about Firewatch’s ending? Without posting spoilers, did you love it or find it a bit lackluster? What do you want to see on the next Video Game Fashion? Let me know in the comments!

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