Video Game Fashion: Mad Father

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Because we all go a little mad sometimes.

The pixel horror game genre was alive and well around 2011 and 2012, but these days, the genre is far less popular. Personally, I’m not happy about this, so I’m following up last week’s Video Game Fashion post with another pixel horror adventure game.

Mad Father was released in 2012 by a Japanese developer named Sen. The game follows a young girl named Aya who wakes up one night to find a horrible secret lying in her father’s laboratory. 

Intrigued? Want to learn more about this unique game? Keep scrolling for three looks inspired by the indie gem Mad Father:

 Aya Drevis

Aya Drevis is our main protagonist. She’s a shy, young girl who has recently lost her mother. One night, Aya awakens and ventures off into the basement to check on her father. Upon discovering his laboratory unlocked, she finally discovers what exactly he has been working on — and the truth is terrifying. 

Aya wears a dark blue dress with a white apron along with a gold pendant and a bright pink ribbon. Now that spring is coming up, channel her look with a light blue off-the-shoulder top. A bright white pinafore and matching high-top Converse sneakers symbolize innocence and purity, while golden bow earrings resemble the shape of Aya’s bright pink ribbon. Finish the look off with a bright pink lip that matches her ribbon exactly. 

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Alfred Drevis

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Alfred Drevis is Aya’s father and the mad scientist of the game. Before the game’s events take place, his wife suddenly dies. This leads him to begin locking himself in his basement laboratory to work on his mysterious experiments. 

For a majority of the game, players don’t know whether to trust Aya’s father. While he’s a bit weird, there’s nothing that is particularly evil about him when we first meet him. He seems to love his daughter dearly and only want the best for her, especially so soon after her mother’s death. To avoid spoiling the game, I’ll only say this: Alfred’s final actions depend upon which ending you get. 

As a scientist, two of Alfred’s staples include his trusty white labcoat and his glasses. To replicate his look in a wearable way, start with aviator shades and a bright, white boyfriend blazer. 

During a flashback in the game, Alfred is seen wearing a black suit, so add a black velvet romper, along with a pair of matching velvet ankle boots. These dark pieces represent Alfred’s mysterious side. Contrast this with a pendant choker and crossbody bag to represent his innocent, sweet, fatherly side.

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Maria is Alred Drevis’ young and beautiful assistant. She’s extremely loyal to those who show her kindness and she’s also one of the game’s critical characters whose actions determine the ending of the game. 

Maria rocks a green and white nurse’s uniform. To replicate it in a non-costumey way, start off with an olive green skirt and a knit, long-sleeved white sweater. Add edge with a pair of short black ankle boots. Ditch the nurses’s cap for a white, knit beanie. Finally, grab a light pink clutch and a white pendant choker for a cool weather look that’s totally to die for. 

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What do you think?

Was Mad Father as shocking to you as it was to me? Did you play this game? And let me know in the comments what you’d want to see on next week’s Video Game Fashion?

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