We Found It: The Social Media Tool That Basically Shops for You (Sponsored)

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Your Facebook addiction just became productive.

My phone, mid-chat with eBay ShopBot, AKA my new BFF.

Am I the only one who feels like I NEVER have time to shop for myself? I know, it’s weird: I spend all day browsing online stores for CF, but I rarely buy anything for me. I even have a detailed list in my phone of “pieces my wardrobe needs” but I never seem to find time to actually acquire them.

I do, however, seem to spend way too much time on Facebook. In fact, I often find myself there in a trancelike state, the last thirty minutes a blur of memes, friends’ engagement photos, and videos of elaborate cakes being assembled. (Why did I even open the app?!)

So. Since I’m wasting time on Facebook instead of actually filling out my closet like a grown woman, I was thrilled to discover a Facebook app that helps you shop. It’s helped me and it can help you. Introducing, eBay ShopBot.

What is eBay ShopBot?

eBay ShopBot is your own shopping expert, right inside Facebook Messenger. It basically offers all of eBay with a few quick taps – it’s like your personalized shopper who searches eBay for exactly what you want, in your size. 

ShopBot allows you to browse curated collections or find something specific. You can even take a picture of an item and ShopBot will find similar ones for you. So cool!

I used it to find a few items from my “wardrobe needs” list. For example, I looked up “pink bomber jacket,” specified a price of “under $50,” and found a ton of cute options! I also used it to find some adorable new Vans (in my size, which you can specify in the app) and a vintage denim jacket. All three of these were on my list, and the bot’s recommendations were perfect. 

My fellow Facebook addicts, try it yourself!

It’s super easy to use ShopBot right now. Just take the following steps:

  1. Get the Facebook Messenger app for iOS or Android
  2. Click this link to visit the eBay ShopBot page. Then click Continue. (Blue text.)
  3. In Facebook Messenger, tap “Get Started”

Be sure to leave a comment if you found it useful! I’d love to hear how you guys are using it or any feedback you have for the eBay team – they want to know what you all think, so don’t be shy.

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