Weekly Crossover: Aria Montgomery x Pinkie Pie

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Bold styles that seem different from each other… let’s see what we can do.

We’re back with another Weekly Crossover, the series where we mix two disparate styles to create new outfit combinations. This time around, we’re mixing up the styles of two fictional characters for some ultra bold looks.

Today, I’m mixing the bold fashion senses of Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars and Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony. Yes, you read those right.

As you know, Aria has an edgy style. She often mixes prints, patterns, textures, and colors in ways that no one would think to do. For instance, she wore stripes with leopard print. She also wears very bold accessories, such as feather earrings and studded belts. She often wears darker colors, but she had added bright pops of color.

Pinkie Pie naturally has a more cutesy vibe because she is from a show meant for young audiences. She is a cheerful, pink pony who loves parties and sweets, so a bright, colorful style comes to mind.

Below you will see edgy, girly outfits with pops of pink, and plenty of textures. Let’s see the outfits I put together.

Look 1: Sweets Galore

Photo Credits: WornOnTV, YouTube Screenshot

As you can see above, Aria wears a pink t-shirt that says “Tres Tres Chic” and a black leather skater skirt. She also wears a gold chain necklace and a gold cuff bracelet. Aria doesn’t always opt for bright colors, but she does sometimes indulge, as seen here.

Pinkie Pie looks so happy as she passes by party goods. She’s not rocking an “outfit” per se, but we can still use her vibe as inspiration.

Products: Baseball Tee – Etsy, Skirt – H&M, Booties – Nasty Gal, Socks – Macy’s, Purse- ASOS

This outfit would be great for casual outings. The adorable baseball tee with ice cream and unicorn graphics is a great Pinkie Pie-inspired piece. The edgy black skirt is so Aria and contrasts well with the cutesy vibe of the tee. Adding black socks with a cute bow throws in a splash of a Pinkie-approved cutesy vibe and a bit of Aria-esque edge. Aria-approved booties with buckles adds even more edge. 

Finally, a pink purse with a chain strap channels both characters in one piece. It’s got the color for Pinkie and the cool-girl chain strap and streamlined silhouette for Aria.

Look 2: Night Out

Photo Credits: WornOnTV, YouTube Screenshot

In the photo on the left, Aria wears an off-the-shoulder top and a printed skirt, which would be great for a night out. In the photo on the right, Pinkie jumps into the air with confetti. Mixing Aria’s look and Pinkie’s energy can give us an outfit idea for a night out:

Products: Top – Urban Outfitters, Skirt – Boohoo, Shoes – Boohoo, Lipstick- MAC, Eyeliner – MAC, Earrings – Amazon

This outfit is the boldest one in the article and it will definitely make a statement! An off-the-shoulder black top with slit sleeves is Aria-approved and on-trend. A pink skirt with pom-poms is so Pinkie Pie and adds some fun to the top. 

One of the hottest shoe trends, chunky-heeled velvet booties, add texture to the look and allow velvet and metallic prints to be mixed. The color of the booties are very Pinkie Pie, but the texture and shape is so Aria. 

Eyeliner is very Aria, while naturally the lipstick references our cartoon pal. If you want a final dose of Pinkie Pie cuteness, these Betsey Johnson earrings will do the trick.

Look 3: Pink and Leather

Photo Credits: PLL Season 1 Episode 7 YouTube screenshot“Meet Pinkie Pie” YouTube Screenshot

Here’s a screenshot of Aria in season 1 of Pretty Little Liars. She is seen wearing a black leather jacket and a floral dress that has colorful flowers. On the right, you see a screenshot of Pinkie Pie jumping behind a cart. You also see that her cutie mark has balloons.

Products: Dress – Francesca’s, Vest – Hot Topic, Booties – Charlotte Russe, Backpack – Amazon, Bracelets – Charlotte Russe, Earrings – Forever 21

I decided to take inspiration from the screenshots above and have the outfit center around a hooded leather vest that’s very Aria and a pink cold-shoulder dress that is Pinkie Pie-approved. The toughness of the vest contrasts well with the femininity of the dress; Aria tends to mix edgy and girly styles. When dark red booties with a tassel zipper are added to the look, we get an additional pop of texture (which Aria loves).

I wanted to use balloon accessories for the look, but in the name of keeping this real life-wearable, I used cute ice cream earrings that add a touch of sweetness to the look. Embellished bangles add sparkle and texture that Aria would love. Finally, a leather backpack with gold details adds more Aria-esque edge. 

Did you enjoy the crossover?

Are you inspired to rock bold outfits? Would you wear these outfits? What crossovers would you like to see next? I’d like to hear what you think in the comments.

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