Weekly Crossover: Michelle Obama x Kylie Jenner

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The fierce First Lady meets the sexy star in a holiday themed Weekly Crossover.

We’ve got another unlikely matchup for our next Weekly Crossover: Michelle Obama and Kylie Jenner. Again, these two well-known figures could not be more different, style-wise… so how will they mash up? We’re about to find out! 

With the holidays coming up, I thought it would be fun to make this week’s crossover a little festive. Therefore, the outfits below are perfect for any holiday events you may have planned.

Inspirational Set 1:

Photos: The White House, Pacific Coast News

Michelle and Kylie are both wearing two completely different outfits here, reflective of their respective styles. Michelle’s floral and feminine dress is her take on holiday chic, while Kylie rocked this dark grunge set for her sister Kendall’s birthday party. Let’s see how they mash up!

Holiday Soiree

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This outfit is an easy go-to look for fancy and fun holiday parties. The red dress, black heels, and golden accents are incredibly festive. 

Michelle’s short dress and (not pictured) pumps inspired the colors and style of this look. Kylie contributed to the dark tights and heels, as well as the lace on the dress and its bare shoulders. This dress is so unique – it’s sure to turn heads. Be sure to spice up the outfit with some lipstick and fancy hair.

Winter Date

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Rompers are so popular in the summer, but they can also be great in the winter as well! This one-piece, with its sheer arms, was inspired by Kylie’s outfit, while the patterns on the top are reminiscent of Michelle’s dress. You will feel like a show stopper in this romper. 

We have to accessorize, of course! The heels and watch are classic touches for a holiday look. The choker is both Kylie- and Michelle- inspired. Michelle has a bow on her dress and Kylie is wearing a choker in her outfit. Your hair can be worn down, but I think this would look fab with a ponytail! 

Inspirational Set 2:

Photos: The White House, Kylie Jenner on Instagram

Outerwear is non-negotiable in winter, so you may as well you use it to make a fashion statement. Here, both ladies are wearing signature coat styles: Michelle is rocking a coat dress and Kylie has a vibrant colored overcoat. You might as well invest in a nice coat – you’ll wear it daily for the next few months!

Friends Night Out

Products: Shirt, Headband, Boots, Scarf, Skirt

This is my favorite overall look in this post. (My favorite piece is the romper from look 2.) This outfit incorporates everything I love at once: a casual t-shirt, a sweet scarf, a girly skirt, long lace-up boots, and a feminine headband. Perfection!

The shirt and scarf are inspired by Kylie’s casual look, while the shape of the skirt and feminine feel of the ensemble are inspired by Michelle. This is a super cute look, and I love it for a girls night out – your friends are sure to love it, too!

Getting a Tree with the Family

Products: Bag, Boots, Coat, Hat, Gloves

In my family, it’s tradition to go out as a family and purchase a tree. We always get a live one, though fake trees are awesome, too. The process of going and picking out a tree is always something special in my family. You have to wear something warm and comfortable, though, because you will be outside! 

This look is perfect for tree-selecting. The long coat is inspired by both Michelle and Kylie. The pop of color comes from Kylie’s pop of green in her coat. Again, her overall casual look inspired the beanie. I chose flat boots as opposed to heels, because comfort is key – these lace-up combat boots are very Kylie. The gloves were inspired by Michelle’s classic look. Make sure you have a nice, warm pair of gloves and a hat; you’ll be wearing them all winter.

That’s it for now! 

What holiday/winter look was your favorite? Do you think these two mashed up well? Let us know in the comments below!

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