Would You Wear… an Off-the-Shoulder Sweater?

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Your shoulders might get chilly, but at least your style will be on point.

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Labor Day has finally arrived and that means fall fashion season is upon us. All year, off-the-shoulder tops have been the trendiest style you can find and they’re not going away. Off-the-shoulder sweaters are the best way to carry this trend into the cooler months. 

You may have a closet full of slouchy sweaters that occasionally may slouch off a shoulder, but you’ll be seeing a variety of styles now that are meant to be worn completely off your shoulders. 

This look is a great way to look cute and a little bit sultry while still staying warm and covered-up. As you know, nothing is sexier than showing a little shoulder.

Product Information: Lulu’s, Revolve, Selfridge’s

Are you in or are you out?

Would you wear them? Do you think they are impractical or do you love the style? Comment below – we want to know what you think!

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