Would You Wear… Fishnet Socks?

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Time to step up your sock game!

Product Information: Forever 21, Free People, ASOS

Fishnets have traditionally been associated with – and pretty much reserved for -punk/grunge styles. Now, however, people with a variety of fashion tastes are opting to wear fishnet socks to add some edginess to their look – and we certainly aren’t complaining! 

These are more simple to style than they look! Wear them with the shoes you already have in your closet. Basically, they work with anything that you’d wear with tights or socks. Voila! – instant cuteness. 

Product Information: ASOS, Topshop

Fishnet socks – yea or nay? 

Would you ever wear them or are they not for you? If you vote yet, how would you style this look? Comment below and let us know what you think! 

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