Would You Wear… Mobile Earrings?

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Time for geometry class.

Product Information: Becca Jewelry, FARIS, Etsy

What are mobile earrings? Picture a nursery with a decorative object suspended from the air above a crib that rotates slowly. Or think of a gorgeous Alexander Calder piece suspended in a modern art museum. Mobile earrings are just that, but instead of living above a baby’s bed or in a museum, they live on your ears.

These geometric jewelry pieces are very hip right now. In fact, we can’t help drooling over all of the styles we’ve seen. The asymmetrical ones are especially worthy of our attention; they’re unique statement pieces that we would wear with anything.

Product Information: Madewell, Etsy

Would you wear mobile earrings? 

Do you love this geometric jewelry style? How would you wear mobile earrings? Let us know below in the comments!

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