4 Non-Traditional Fall Nail Colors to Rock This Autumn

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Shake things up this fall with a few non-traditional nail colors.

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Summer is rapidly approaching its close (sob), but with the end of summer comes the beginning of another great season: fall! While I do love summer, fall is such a special season: from crisp, cool weather, to snuggly sweaters, and even those oh-so-gorgeous colorful leaves, what’s not to love?

With a new weather season also comes the new fashion season. Fall is that time when everyone breaks out standard fall shades like creams, browns, burgundy, and oxblood. These colors pop up in clothing and makeup looks, but I find that they’re especially popular nail polish colors for this time of year.

Rather than stick with the same old same old, I wanted to think outside the box and suggest some unexpected nail polish shades that most people wouldn’t think to wear in the fall. Standard polish shades are great, but there are so many more fall colors that are just begging to be worn! 

If you’re looking to add some extra spice (no pumpkin in this spice, mind you) to your fall look, then here are four non-traditional autumn nail polish shades you should try

Dark Berry/Magenta

Oxblood is a great fall color, but it can sometimes look drab and lifeless on the nails. Add a slight twist to this trend by going for a deep berry polish. This kind of color adds some extra warmth and life to any nail look. 

Go for a shade like Love Drug from Formula X or Spare Me A French Quarter? from OPI if you like the oxblood trend, but want a polish with an extra punch of color.

Deep Orange

Orange is one of the most underrated nail polish colors out there. I’m personally a big fan of a good orange polish! 

The trick to rocking orange nail polish is finding the right shade. Try a more muted orange (a little lighter than the color of pumpkin pie); this is the most universally flattering hue in the orange family. Two great polishes that fit the bill are Fury from Covergirl and Tiddly from Butter London.

Pistachio Green

Pastel shades mainly pop up around springtime, and most people tend to shelve them during fall. I encourage you to consider them, though: A good pastel pistachio color, for instance, would work great in autumn! 

Neely from Zoya and Fashion Playground from Essie are perfect polishes to dip your (actual) toes into this trend. These pastel green shades are muted enough to work as neutrals, yet colorful enough to lend some extra brightness to any look.

Pinky-Brown Light Nude

Nude nails are an absolute classic year-round, regardless of the season. If you’re a hardcore neutral-nails person and don’t want to stray too far from tradition, then a nude like Dollface from Formula X or Tiramisu for Two by OPI is the way to go. 

These polishes have some pastel pink mixed into a light brown base. This helps give them that extra oopmh to elevate them beyond basic and make them perfect for fall.

What do you think?

Are these some colors you’d be willing to try this coming fall? Let us know in the comments below!

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