7 Apartment Christmas Decorations to Infuse Your Home With Holiday Spirit

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Add some festive flair to your ho-ho-home!

Thanksgiving has come and gone, leaving less than a month until the end of 2017! Make the most of peppermint hot chocolate season and enjoy the delights of winter – whether it be through ice skating or just sitting under a cozy throw watching Love Actually for the fifth time.

While it’d be pretty hard to turn your apartment into Santa’s Workshop overnight, there are some easy ways to infuse some festivity into your space. Check out these seven apartment Christmas decorations and learn how you can create your own little Winter Wonderland.

Feliz Navidad Garland

Despite being made of felt, this garland is more sophisticated than your fifth-grade crafting attempts. Garlands are one of my personal faves because all you do is attach the ends to a wall and voila – instant holiday backdrop. 

Ribbon Taper Holder

Nothing adds romantic flair like candles do, especially the long skinny candles also referred to as tapers. These elegant gold holders can up your lighting game instantly. They work well as centerpieces on a table, where you can accent them with smaller tea lights.

Galvanized Trees

Every day when I walk to work I pass by at least one tree vendor, trying to convince me to pick out a 7-foot tall monster. The fresh smell is enough to almost get me on board, before I remember that I live in a tiny, shared apartment. The solution when you don’t have the space? How about these baby galvanized trees? You don’t have to worry about them dying, can reuse them year after year, and they match nearly any color scheme.

Merry + Bright Wreath

How about a modern take on holiday wreaths? This wooden lasercut wreath is the perfect way to welcome visitors into your home. This is especially perfect if you want a splash of holiday cheer without turning your home into a green forest. 

Gilded Trees Wineglasses

You already own drinkware, and you probably already have a full wineglass set. But consider investing in these stemless glasses anyway. Regardless of what you’re drinking, whether it’s apple cider or mulled wine, you’ll be doing it in style. If you’ve got more than one roommate, you can each have your own glass based on the tree design!

Pinecone String Lights

String lights are a staple of the holidays (and let’s be real – you’re gonna keep them up all year long anyway), but have you ever seen ones that are interspersed with real pinecones? These pretty lights caught my eye the minute I saw them, and the best part is that there’s 16 feet to go around! That means draping, looping, and other fun arrangements.

Hanging Bottles with Glitter

Ornaments are never going out of fashion, so stock up and add to your collection! I love these glittery glass bottle ornaments from Zara. If you don’t have a tree to hang them on, so what? You can and will find a place for those hanging decorations. You can find a patch of empty wall and arrange a bunch using thumb tacks. Or, tie a ribbon through them to make your own DIY garland. 

Do you like our apartment Christmas decorations?

Are you planning on decorating for the holidays this year? If so, what are your go-to decorations? Let us know in the comments!

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