How to Create the Ultra-Stylish Room of Your Dreams (Sponsored)

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Everyone is going to want to hang out at your place.

“The Social Butterfly” room, via Havenly

With back to school shopping season upon us, it’s time to start thinking about how you want your dorm room to look this fall. With that in mind, today we’ve partnered with Havenly to share some tips to help you create an Instagram-worthy room that’s as stylish as you are. (Just don’t blame us if you can’t get your friends to leave.) 

Read on to learn all the tricks to have the coolest room on your floor this year:

1. Get Clear on Your Style

If you haven’t done this already, start making Pinterest boards of interior design styles you’re drawn to. Are you more of a boho chick or do you have an edgy vibe? Maybe you find yourself attracted to cool, moody shades, or perhaps you crave sweet pastels and gold accents. Save enough photos of rooms and you’ll start to get a sense of which styles appeal to you. 

For an easy and quick way to get a sense of your style, Havenly has an awesome design personality quiz to point you in the right direction. I tried it myself and it completely got my style the first time! (Hi to my fellow hipsters!) Once you find your style, you can shop the exact pieces to get that look. A few sample styles are below to get your inspiration going:

The “Hipster” room – my style to a T!
The “Life of the Party” room
The “Free Spirit” room

2. Think About the Specific Pieces You Need for the Style You Want

You don’t have to buy an entirely new set of furniture to create a brand new vibe in your room. You’d be surprised at the difference a new bed set, some curtains, and a few well-chosen accessories can have on a space.

Work from your Pinterest boards to zero in on which pieces feature in most of the rooms you love. Do they all have bright white bedding or lush plants and flowers? What about what’s on the walls – do you see lots of witty quote prints or black and white photos? If you see a detail coming up in a lot of rooms, consider investing in it for your room. Even a few hints of your preferred style will go a long way towards personalizing your space.

3. Stuck? Get Design Help from a Pro

Havenly screenshot

While interior designers used to be out of reach for college students, these days it’s possible to get affordable design help with just a few taps on your smartphone. If you’re stuck, this is a great way to get personalized tips and advice.

Havenly’s full design service (at the bottom of the linked page) is tailored for college students. Their team of designers will tell you EXACTLY what to do with your specific space to get the look you want. Just take a quick style survey, snap some photos of your room and upload them, and you’ll get 1 on 1 advice from a professional designer. This is a great option if you’re not sure what to do with your particular space.

What’s your dorm room style?

Did any of the rooms above give you ideas? What style did you get on the Havenly quiz? (Any fellow hipsters here?) I’d love to know what style comes up most for CF readers! Let me know by leaving a comment.

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