If Your Favorite Party Clothes Could Talk

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You’ve worn them all holiday season, so it’s only fair you listen to their side of the story.

In the past, I’ve imagined what your favorite summer clothes and winter clothes would say if they came to life. Now that the holidays are ending, I think it’s time we hear from the wardrobe warriors that got you through party season.  

Your special-occasion pieces may not see the light of day as often as your basics, but their stories are often a lot juicier. Because even your fave jeans probably can’t say that they’ve been to weddings, bar mitzvahs, or ultra-glam holiday parties.

Read on to find out what four of your festive wardrobe faves would say if you could chat with them.

Your best dress

She’s the star of your closet and she knows it. Who cares if you only pull her out two or three times a year? She spends the other 363 days being her confident, bubbly self, and yes, sometimes getting on the rest of your wardrobe’s nerves.

She has a tendency to gloat about how ah-mazing the food was at that one super-fancy restaurant, or about that mistletoe kiss, or about how many compliments she gets every time she steps out on the town. She has a loud, bawdy sense of humor and an infectious laugh, and all your clothes that claim to hate her secretly envy her.

Your trusty black booties

In complete contrast to your party dress, your booties are humble and grounded (literally and figuratively). Maybe that’s because they get out a bit more, both to fancier parties and to more chill occasions. They get along with everyone, including your best dress, for whom they have endless patience. But they’re BFFs with your black jeans.

Even though they’re super levelheaded, these friends do have a fun side. They have a cool, dry sense of humor that tends to surprise people and they secretly have killer dance moves.

Your sparkliest statement necklace

The best way I can describe your fanciest statement necklace is that she’s like a better version of Gretchen Wieners from Mean Girls. She really, REALLY wants to be as effortlessly cool as your party dress, but she’s not quite there yet.

Lately, though, she’s been learning to embrace her totally awesome, unique self. She can be lovably awkward, but she’s unlike anyone else you’ll ever meet. She loves bright colors, cheesy jokes, and is always friendly. And although your party dress will never admit it, she doesn’t know what she’d do without her statement necklace by her side.

Your coziest sweatpants

Because let’s be real, Netflix at home is the best kind of party.

Your sweats march to the beat of their own drum. They do what they want, when they want without pretense and don’t give a darn about trying to be cool. And yet, they effortlessly are. Like your booties, they get along well with everyone, but your sweats are much more introverted. That is, unless you get them talking about their favorite movies and shows. Then they won’t shut up. 

And no, don’t even ask, they will not tell you their Tumblr username. That’s for private fangirling.

What do you think?

What are your favorite party clothes? Do you think they would have funny stories to tell? Do you think I got these pieces’ personalities right? Let me know in the comments!

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