Stranger Things Fashion: Nancy Wheeler

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“You’re an idiot, Steve Harrington.”

Maybe I’m a little late to the party, but I recently just got into the television show phenomenon that is Stranger Things. In fact, over Martin Luther King Day weekend, my family and I watched the whole series. And I seriously can’t stop thinking about it.

No spoilers ahead (I’m not going to ruin it for you!) but in all honesty, if you haven’t watched this Netflix show, watch it! Seriously, I’ve recommended this show to about everyone in my dorm. It’s that good.  

The series follows four boys; Will Byers, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, as they live their small town-life in the ’80s. When Will Byers goes missing, it is up to the boys to uncover the secrets that plague their small town. OK, I just made that sound so lame. Maybe just watch the trailer instead: 

Though the series follows the four boys, the unsung heroine is truly Nancy Wheeler, Mike’s older sister. 

I actually love this character. Not only is she a high school student, but she actually fights monsters (all while wearing a ballet slippers necklace). Plus, I can’t get enough of this love triangle between Steve Harrington and Jonathan Byers (Team Steve; sorry not sorry). 

Sure, Nancy has made some mistakes. Sure, Barb deserves justice. And maybe some moments with Steve were a little questionable (not giving anything away!!). But overall, she is such an incredible, strong female character. 

And her fashion? Think ’80s prep. Though Nancy is a high school student, her outfits suggest she is a part-time librarian. The worst part? I kind of love her style. 

Look One

Remember this little get-up from the first episode? 


If there is one thing Nancy loves more than Steve (or does she?) it’s layers. Girl loves to layer it up. The white tights, the collar; it’s everything. See a more updated look below: 

School Days

Sweater – Madewell / Blouse – Madewell / Jacket – Madewell / Skirt – Sans Souci / Necklace – Kate Spade / Tights – Belk / Shoes – Neiman Marcus

Layer with the best of ’em by wearing this adorable pastel sweater with a pop of collar beneath. Substitute Nancy’s long skirt for an adorable button-up denim number, paired with cute white tights. As always, accessorize with her fave ballet slippers necklace and sensible flats. 

Look Two

Who could forget the high-waisted corduroys and sweater combo? I certainly didn’t.  


Sweater- Victoria’s Wing / Bag – Current Boutique / Shoes – Keds / Necklace – Kate Spade / Jeans – Topshop / Watch – Citizen / Studs – Berricle

For an updated approach on Nancy’s outfit, try switching out her dated sweater for a cropped, bright red sweater. Copy Nancy’s high-waisted pants with a trendy pair of mom jeans, and wear a sensible pair of shoes (for monster hunting, of course). Add a watch with a leather band (I adore Nancy’s!) to finish the look. 

Look Three

However, my favorite outfit that Nancy Wheeler wore was the ensemble from the last episode. 

Sweater Weather

Sweater – John Lewis / Skirt – Sans Souci / Studs – Berricle / Shoes – Neiman Marcus

Love this pale yellow sweater; literally the most perfect color! Break out that denim skirt again (or opt for a longer hemline) and pair with sensible, neutral flats. LOL @ Steve’s sweater. 


Did you love Stranger Things as much as I did? Who was your favorite character? Nancy and Steve, or Nancy and Jonathan? Let me know down below!

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