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Welcome to your newest TV (and style) obsession.

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It’s no secret that The CW has their teen soap opera formula down pat: just stick angsty, brooding, attractive teenagers with an aversion to shirts in a scenario that’s already got a fan-following, and you’re set. (See: Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and the entire DC lineup.) 

Next in their line of taking-things-people-already-like-and-remaking-them-with-hot-people shows comes Riverdale, a dark, modern take on those Archie comics you’ve probably at least seen in line at the supermarket if you didn’t grow up reading them yourself. The original comics are pretty straightforward: Archie Andrews is your basic down-to-earth guy who gets up to shenanigans with his high school pals while being caught in a love triangle between typical girl-next-door Betty Cooper and vivacious heiress Veronica Lodge. 

There’s only been a few episodes of the TV show so far, but it’s already proving itself to be taking a bit more of a Pretty Little Liars spin on the Archie comics’ characters. There’s murder, the small-town-full-of-secrets trope, snarky one-liners, and abs for days. 

If you’ve been looking for your latest guilty pleasure TV show (and The Bachelor is making you feel a little too guilty), look no further!

Veronica Lodge

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I can’t help but see Veronica as sort of a watered-down Blair Waldorf (no one will ever be better than the true queen), but she’s still becoming my favorite character. 

As with Blair, one of my favorite parts about seeing Veronica on screen is being obsessed with all of her clothing. Seriously, in one of her first scenes she wears this stunning cape coat, and I was so inspired that I almost blew $80 on one the next day. Fortunately, the black coat pictured above is nowhere near that price, and will look extra stunning when layered over a chic black sheath dress. 

Veronica does not give a single crap about what “normal” sophomores wear to high school, and instead rocks pearls and heels to campus. If you’re brave enough to attempt this as well, try a multi-strand necklace for added interest and bright blue heels for a pop of color. Every good “cool girl” look needs a pair of killer sunglasses, and make sure to have fun with your makeup by rocking a bold red lip and a sleek black cat-eye. Finally, use some hair serum to get those enviably smooth locks. 

Betty Cooper

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Betty Cooper is the resident “good girl” of the TV series, but even she probably has some skeletons in her closet given how dark the rest of the show is. Still, I’m in love with all of her cute little ’50s-cheerleader-girl-next-door-looks. She’s kind of like a modern Sandy from Grease (you know, before the transformation). 

To get Betty’s look, all you need is a cute floral blouse and some sensible denim, paired with some sporty-yet-sweet Converse sneakers and a cardigan in a bright, cheerful color (like this royal blue one!). Put your hair in a high cheerleader ponytail with one of these girly, flowery hair ties, and keep all of your school supplies (such as this gorgeous pink planner and color-coordinating pastel pens) in a mint green backpack. 

Josie and the Pussycats

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So Josie and the Pussycats are sort of a spinoff from the original Archie comics that have had a pretty successful stand-alone following (comic series, TV shows, AND movie!), so it was SO cool to see all of the characters together on Riverdale. These Josie and the Pussycats members are even more sassy and strong than I remember from the comics, and they have amazing style to boot. 

Instead of the skin-tight leopard print jumpsuits of the comics, these Pussycats rock feline-inspired headbands like this one. For the rest of the look, channel the most badass version of yourself with a sexy black crop top, dark-wash denim shorts, and a satin pink bomber jacket. Accessorize with tall black combat boots that will definitely make your legs look amazing, along with some music-inspired accessories like this treble clef ear cuff and pastel bracelet. 

What do you think? 

Will you be watching Riverdale? Which character are you most excited about seeing transformed from comic to live-action? Whose style do you like best? Let me know in the comments!

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