10 Makeup and Beauty Commandments to Guide You Thorough 2017

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Ring in the new year with a new outlook on beauty.

Me waiting for 2016 to be over. (Disclaimer: Not actually me.)

2017 is almost here. Holy crap, I can’t believe I just typed that.

With the dawn of the new year comes the resurgence of those well-known New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions cover nearly everything in life, from personal health, relationships, and education, but there are also people who add makeup and beauty resolutions to that list. If you haven’t guessed by now, I’m definitely one of those people.

That being said, I didn’t just want to list boring, easy-to-forget resolutions like everyone else. Absolutely not. Instead, I’ve complied a list of 10 makeup and beauty commandments, yes commandments, that I’m challenging you to live and swear by through the extent of 2017. Following these won’t be easy, but I can guarantee that sticking to even one of these will make you feel much happier and healthier as you continue through the new year.

Here are 10 beauty commandments for 2017 to help you lead a better makeup and beauty life in the new year.

1. Thou shalt match foundation shades to thy current skin tone. 

This is one that’s been said time and time again, but it still bears repeating. Don’t do yourself a disservice and pick a shade that will hopefully match your skin at some point in the future. With brands immensely expanding their foundation shade ranges this year, there are no more excuses. 

2. Thou shalt not be intimidated by employees from Sephora, Ulta, or other beauty and department stores. 

Yes, their presence can feel creepy and overbearing, but they’re just doing their job. Most of them are extremely nice and are actually interested in helping you find the product you need – think of them as an awesome free resource!

3. Thou shalt check the expiration dates on thy makeup and skincare products.

Applying expired makeup to the skin is almost as bad as eating expired food (which means it’s a horrible idea). Dispose of it as you will.

Look at those beautiful brushes!

4. Thou shalt not purchase a product just to be trendy. 

If the product happens to fall in line with your own beauty style, then ignore this and buy away. If not, that product can make like a tree and leaf. Strive to buy products that you really love, not just products that are trendy.

5. Thou shalt not feel bad when returning single- or gently used makeup. 

Just like romantic relationships, some makeup relationships just aren’t meant to be. Many stores have realized this and are completely understanding in these situations.

6. Thou shalt use protecting sprays, lotions, or similar products when styling thy hair. 

After all the blow drying/straightening/curling done to your hair this year, be nice and give it some protection in the new year if you didn’t this past year. If you’re already diligent about this, congratulations. Keep it up!

Sunscreen is better than leaves for sun protection. Trust me.

7. Thou shalt apply daily sunscreen to the face, whether it be straight sunscreen or via some beauty product. 

While the idea of using daily sunscreen is less than appealing, it’s far less unappealing than early wrinkles and sun spots. 

8. Thou shalt expand thy beauty horizons by purchasing at least one product from a new, unfamiliar brand. 

All the brands you love today were once unfamiliar to you right? Take a chance on another brand the same way you did with the ones you currently own. You might end up making a fantastic discovery!

9. Thou shalt remove makeup before sleeping each night. 

Both your face and pillow cover will thank you for this. Guaranteed.

10. Thou shalt respect other’s opinions on makeup and beauty products, whether they be expressed in person, over the phone, or on the internet. 

Just because someone’s opinion of a certain brand or product don’t mirror your own doesn’t mean it’s any less valid of an opinion. Essentially, don’t be a hater. Differing opinions in the makeup world make for interesting and productive conversations!

What are your resolutions and commandments for 2017?

Do you agree with the list above? Any commandments that should have been added? We want to hear yours below!

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