3 Girly Ways to Wear a Fascinator (Plus a Few Valid Excuses to Wear One)

Who doesn’t want to look like they’re attending the Royal Wedding?

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Hey everyone, welcome to a Fabulous Finds special! Did all of you watch the Royal Wedding? I sure did! As always with royal weddings, our attention turns not only to the beautiful bride but also the gorgeous hats. This ceremony was truly a star-studded event full of amazing fashion.

While fascinators (the name for those crazy hats we see on the wedding guests) aren’t something your average college student owns or wears often, I was inspired by the royal wedding to create beautiful looks where girls like us can have the royal experience. We don’t just have to see the hats on the screen but can now wear them ourselves and look every bit like a princess. 

Valid excuses to wear the following outfits (including the fascinator) include: Throwing a royal wedding-themed party for you and your friends (so you can all have an excuse to rock a fascinator), going to a fancy wedding (fascinators are actually trendy at some weddings these days), or planning for next year’s Kentucky Derby. Or, you know, just for fun because you want to.

Also, if you absolutely can’t or won’t wear a fascinator, just think of the three following outfits as perfect wedding guest attire if you subtract the hat.

This fascinator is stunning and fit for a queen. The best part is the price. You can get it on Amazon for just $24.99. The shade is a gorgeous blush light pink that is elegant and understated. With this you’ll be looking like royalty but at a much cheaper and affordable price.

While I usually like to do three outfits that vary in formality, in honor of the Royal Wedding that happened this weekend I’ll be sharing three dressy outfits with all of you! 

Layers and Layers of Tulle

Products: Clutch – Estee & Lilly (Target), Top – Gap, Earrings – Gulicx (Amazon), Heels – LC Lauren Conrad (Kohl’s), Fascinator – Latimoon (Amazon), Skirt – True Decadence (ASOS)

I love the ruffles that make up the body of this outfit. When you walk, the skirt and top will flow with you. This outfit is elegant and polished at every point. The structure of the skirt is very fun and unique and I love the shade of pink. 

What I love about wedge heels is that they’re so easy to walk in! They’ll give you the great look of heels without too much wear on your feet. The clutch is great because you use it with the chain on your shoulder or hold it in your hands. With this outfit you’ll be looking beautiful and fit to brunch with the Queen!

Maxi Dress Heaven

Products: Fascinator – Latimoon (Amazon), Eyeshadow Palette – Maybelline (Target), Clutch – Steve Madden (Macy’s), Dress – Lulu’s, Heels – Missguided

I’m in awe with this maxi dress. It is so simple in its design yet still incredibly stunning. The color is amazing and looks great on all different skin tones. Often when wearing a dress of this length, you don’t get to see the shoes. However with this flowing beauty, you’ll get a glimpse of these gorgeous Missguided heels with every step.

I can’t emphasize how much I love this eyeshadow palette. I personally own it myself and not only is it incredibly high quality but it lasts for such a long time. I’m still not through with it and I got it ages ago! You can get it at Target now for only $8.19! Now that is what I call a good deal. 

Royal Lace and Grace

Products: Perfume – Dior (Sephora), Heels – Jessica Simpson (Dillard’s), Dress – No. 1 Jenny Packham (Debenhams), Clutch – Davie and Chiyo (Etsy), Earrings – Nadri (Nordstrom), Fascinator – Latimoon (Amazon)

I think this is the most elegant and sophisticated look of the three. The dress is just incredible and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Duchess Kate had one just like it in her closet! The clutch is beautifully detailed with the sequins but at the same time doesn’t take attention away from the dress.

I think the pearl earrings are very much like something Meghan (now officially Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex) would wear: They’re elegant and dignified yet very simple. If you don’t have pearl studs, get some: You’ll wear them over and over again. 

What did you think about this week’s fabulous find?

Do you like this fascinator? Have you ever worn a fascinator? What were your thoughts on the Royal Wedding? What were your favorite moments? Who wore the best hat? Start the convo below!

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