3 Trendy Dresses to Make Summer Style a Cinch

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It’s getting hot in here.

Summer has barely started, but I think everyone is already sick of: feeling sticky, sweat stains, and putting together an outfit in this heat. Dressing for hot weather can be so tricky. You want to look good, but your options are also pretty limited. After all, even with deodorant, you might sweat through anything. Enter: the summer dress, your sartorial savior and secret weapon.

With one chic layer, you don’t have to worry about overheating AND you already look put together. Dresses don’t have to be formal either. 

Here are three trendy summer dresses for any style, plus outfit ideas to help you style them:

Flirty Eyelet Lace

Products: Dress – Gilt, Fragrance – Kate Spade, Clutch – G-Lish, Flats – Lord & Taylor, Headband – Macy’s, Concealer – Urban Decay

I begin with a classic: the white lace dress. You know the whole “no white after Labor Day” rule? Whether or not you think it’s dumb and that people should be allowed to wear whatever they want (for us, it’s one of the fashion rules we think you should break), you can’t deny that white is THE color of summer. A white dress pops against tan skin, and eyelet lace is elegant and flirty. 

This is a more formal look for grad parties and garden soirées. Start by pairing the white dress with beautiful ballet flats and a beaded clutch. Keep the accessories simple with a gold headband. Makeup should also be fuss-free; stick with a brightening concealer and a hint of floral scent. 

Sporty T-shirt Dress

Products: Backpack – Mali + Lilli, Lipstick – Smashbox, Sneakers – adidas, Earrings – Nordstrom, Eyeliner – Stila, T-Shirt Dress – Urban Outfitters

But what if garden soirées aren’t your thing? You’re a girl on the move, with places to be and people to see. In that case, the much more relaxed t-shirt dress is for you! This is literally just a longer T-shirt, but looks super trendy, and can be styled up or down. For example, I added sneakers AND stud earrings. Your makeup can be a statement or non-existent. Add a bright backpack for all of your stuff.

Free-Spirited Maxi Dress

Products: Dress – Express, Shades – Tommy Hilfiger, Clutch – Barney’s Warehouse, Sandals – Nordstrom, Pendant – Nordstrom

Last, but not least, we have the maxi dress. Of course you can wear this any time of year, but summer is THE season for maxi dresses (and bright colors, so don’t shy away from canary yellow!). Graceful and easygoing, the maxi dress makes everyone look like a goddess. 

Keep the accessories simple with a straw clutch (which is definitely on-trend right now), a pendant necklace, and your favorite sunglasses. Finish with flat sandals and you have the perfect summer look.

What Do You Think?

What’s your favorite summer dress? Have any tips for summer dressing? Are any of these dresses your go-to’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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